8 Foods Expectant Mums Should Eat To Raise IQ Level of Baby

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Every mother is conscious of her baby’s nourishment so there are a variety of healthy foods available which are necessary for the baby’s growth and future development of his brain. What she eats and drink is very important for her baby’s health and good intelligence.
Intelligence is some time genetic but there are non- genetic factors also present that can help develop child’s success based on his IQ level. It’s good if you are prepared to raise your kid efficiently but there is nothing wrong if you try it when he is still in your womb. How? Through your food! Try to eat such variety of food that has positive impact on his brain development and help him in future life both physically and mentally. Here is the list of foods which boost child’s memory and other skills later in life. Also, a proper checkup with the best gynecologist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities is necessary throughout pregnancy.

Foods That Raise IQ Level:

  1. Fish – we all know fish is rich in omega acids that play key role in functioning of brain. It plays an important part in developing memory in child. Certain beans also have it so eat fish for good health of your baby.
    fish is good in pregnancy
  2. Egg – eggs are a source of protein, iron and it is very helpful in brain development in child they helps in maturation process of cells in brain.
  3. Dairy products – they are also rich in proteins and are good for mental health of your child.
  4. Vegetables – eat plenty of vegetable not only you will stay fresh and your weight will also remain controlled but your child will have power of anti-oxidants reaching to him.
  5. Fruits – fruits are also rich in anti- oxidants so eat them for protecting him for any disability of brain.
    healthy diet in pregnancy
  6. Iron – you need iron for development of his brain if it is deficient than it will negatively affect your child. Spinach has iron so it’s good for you to eat it during pregnancy.
  7. Folic acid – for cells of brain you need to take folic acid so that birth defects in brain don’t occur in your child.
  8. Proteins – taking proteins is essential for cell formation and for excellent growth of fetus you need to take portions of protein rich food in your diet.

Consult with your gynecologist if you want to discuss anything, as your baby’s overall health must be your first priority. Eat whatever is healthy for you and your child but keep in mind his growth and health factor also, so your baby can grow bigger and be a bright shining star throughout his life.

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