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When Marham team first heard about DDLC, they liked what they saw on their website a clinical setup with all modern diagnostic services in economical range and a patient centered approach to management. Upon a subsequent encouraging invitation from Dr Zahid Asgahr, Marham team visited DDLC and witnessed a lot of professional diversity among staff, a wide range of diagnostic tests and techniques.

They observed the staff following international standards of safety, sterility, and professionalism. A feeling of generosity and civility pervaded Marham’s DDLC experience.

An environment was open and friendly in regard to patient comfort. DDLC exuded an air of professional competence and service to humanity. Through dedication, collaboration and excellence DDLC aims for a healthy society with better opportunities for treatment and diagnosis.

A diagnosis has important implications for patient care and research. When the diagnosis is accurate and made in a timely manner, a patient has the best opportunity for positive health outcome because clinical decision making will be tailored to a correct understanding of patient’s health problem.

Envisioning the mounting complexity of healthcare and ever increasing prices of diagnostic testing coupled with clinician time constraints Dr. Zahid Asghar conceived the idea of DDLC. Putting in to practice his decades of experience and education from world class institutions he envisioned DDLC as a center incorporating best quality diagnostic services to clinical practice at best prices.

DDLC is a sister concern of Lahore’s leading healthcare setup Doctors hospital that provides pathology and radiology information and services providing insights that enable physicians and healthcare professionals to make better healthcare decisions. They touch lives of hundreds of patients every day who entrust them to provide their doctors with critical health information.



The dedicated staff at DDLC understands that behind every test there is a human life and through their work, they enable medical service providers throughout the healthcare industry to improve the health of patients. DDLC team includes top notch professionals from various fields and a highly educated team of physicians including Dr Mehreen Zaman, Dr Maham Janjua, Dr Abeer Fahad and technicians lead by a prominent name in healthcare industry Dr Zahid Asghar.



DDLC provides world class pathology services including

  • Hematology
  • Routine biochemistry.
  • Special chemistry.
  • Clinical pathology.
  • Serology
  • Microbiology
  • Cytopathology(FNAC/PAP smear)
  • Histopathology (Biopsies)DDLC Lab

At DDLC all novel radio diagnostic facilities are available. Among all usual radiological procedures, DDLC has some specialized radio diagnostic techniques that include

  • 3D/4D ultrasound.
  • Color Doppler
  • Digital X-ray.
  • Digital OPG.
  • Automated ECG.
  • Ultrasound FNAC.
  • Ultrasound biophysical profile.
  • Scanning for congenital anomalies.
  • Special X-rays like HSG, SINOGRAM Etc.
  • Ultrasound softparts.
  • Ultrasound scrotum. etc.

DDLC boosts of shortest biopsy turnaround time, providing results in minimal time compared to other competitors in a market.

DDLC Sports Centre

DDLC Research center

Through their relationships with academic community, pharmaceutical and biotechnological firms and emerging medical companies, they develop and commercialize novel diagnostic techniques. DDLC has a dedicated research center under the supervision of Dr Zofishan Tahir, where various research studies are conducted for a better understanding of a disease and improving treatment options for the community.

Patient welfare

At DDLC patient welfare is of utmost importance. You will find all high tech diagnostic facilities, every new age testing method and best physicians but this does not make them a burden on your pocket. AR DDLC you will find lowest diagnostic testing rates with no compromise on proficiency and accuracy of results.

DDLC network

DDLC has a network of more than twenty collection centers across the country and they have a distinction of totally in-house testing.

DDLC Orthopedic

Free home sampling service

Another very convenient and patient friendly service from DDLC is that of free home sample collection. This is an honest evidence of their motto putting patient welfare first. This is very helpful and stress relieving for bed ridden and elderly patients who are not able to visit the lab for giving samples. Highly trained staff at DDLC visits patients at home and collects samples under observing strict sterility and safety measures.

Health Packages

An out of the box initiative of DDLC is an introduction of health packages. Through this novel approach, DDLC has become a pioneer in promoting the importance of well-person check up and annual check up. This will not only revolutionize early diagnosis but is also promising in bringing positive outcomes in the preventive care of deadly diseases like cancer.

These health packages cover a wide spectrum of tests. Alongside there is an option of building your own package. Under this, you can choose and pick tests according to your own requirement. Some of these health packages are as under

  • Basic health checkup.
  • Hypertension profile.
  • Preoperative profile.
  • Metabolic profile.
  • Well women checkup.
  • Executive health checkup advance.
  • Executive health checkup normal.
  • Premium health checkup advance.
  • Cardiac enzymes.

DDLC is a sincere effort regarding patient care and correct diagnosis at affordable prices.

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