Are You Really Sad Or Just Following The New Trend?

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Why is everyone I know depressed? And it’s just not about people posting depressing stuff on Facebook. People in real lives tend to be depressive and sadistic. In the 21st century, where the rapid advancements taking place have got the better of human emotions, the question is have we started to like being sad?

All around us are people who are struggling to keep up with the challenges and problems that come in their way but is very hard to find people who cherish the little gifts and moments in their lives. While everyone wants to be happy and live peacefully, the real worrisome is that is it becoming a norm for our society to be sadistic over reasons that can possibly be catered with a smile. Or is being sad a way to run away from your problems since the feeling takes you into a world where everything feels screwed up and messy.

If we go back a few decades, problems such as stress and depression weren’t as common as they are now. In this article, we’ll look at the aspects that we are missing that has lead us to being a sad society.

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Thankfulness is a Blessing:

Appreciating the little good things in your life is a key to live happily and successfully. Being thankful opens so many doors of blessing for us that truly improve our mental peace and overall well-being. When you’re living in the materialistic world of today, it requires sheer bliss to be thankful for what you have in your life. Thankfulness is a blessing that leads to a happy and contented life taking you away from depression.

Be Content with What You Have:

Without a shadow of the doubt, the luckiest people are those who are content with what they have in their lives. The feeling of fulfillment can never be attained unless you’re content with what you’ve got or otherwise it causes restlessness and nothing else. By being content, you can strive for better things with a peaceful mind or you keep running to fulfill the fantasies.

Grateful people are happy and healthy:

If you want to be happy and healthy, then you need to be grateful.  When you worry a lot, you experience all the negative feelings which leads to conditions such as headaches or stomach pains. Also, keeping a lot of negative emotions like feeling worried, stressed, sad, and angry are bad for your immune system. The one feeling of being grateful can lead you to stay away from so many of unhealthy and unnecessary problems.

The point is, in a society where depression has become very common lately, we need to make sure to not make it a fashion or trend. People who should take on the challenges with heads held high, seem to go down the lane of sadism and depression. Positive energy and feelings such as explained in the above points can make you strong and capable enough to fight the challenges of your life.

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