Common Winter Allergies, How To Keep Them Away

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Change in weather demands a complete lifestyle change. In summers we have to prepare our body to deal with the warmth of Sun, however, in winter, we need to take out all the warm stuff to stay all cozy. Seasonal change brings lots of allergies in humans. In Pakistan, as winter is just around the corner and so are winter allergies, so we thought why not discuss them beforehand so that you know what you have to do to keep yourself safe from them.

Some of the common winter allergies are mentioned below but it is always better to consult a Physician in case you feel any symptoms of the cold.

Allergy from Wool

Yes, there are some people who can’t use woolen clothes to keep them warm as it can make their skin itchy and irritable. Knitted sweaters, scarves and caps are big “No No” for you if you have sensitive skin as it can cause red itchy, swollen bumps to appear on your skin.

Solution: Avoid wearing coarse woolen sweaters, instead go for fine, higher grade wool; Merino to keep allergies at bay. In case you get severe allergy, contact dermatologist as soon as possible.

Allergy from Fungus or Mould

In winter molds on the walls become very common because of lack of sunlight in the environment. Mould is found in Kitchen, Laundry, Walls, bathrooms and what not. Common symptoms of mold allergy could be a Runny nose, Coughing, and Sneezing.

Solution: To avoid its chances to occur, keep the windows of your house open in the morning for proper ventilation, don’t dry your clothes on a heater, and limit the presence of plant inside the house to discourage the growth of mold.

Allergy from Fireplace smoke

Who doesn’t love to sit by a fireplace during freezing winter? But wooden fireplace brings allergies to your way as well. Smoke coming from wood can make you suffer from chest congestion, sore throat, and irritation in eyes. In winters, try to keep a room a room fully ventilated where a wooden fireplace is being set.

In case you feel redness in eyes, irritation in throat, fever or a runny nose, it’s better to consult a health physician as soon as possible.

Few Most Popular General Physicians:

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