COVID19 Fever: Easy Ways To Break The Spell Of It!

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There are a number of people who are still testing positive for COVID19 to date al across the globe. Many of them already have an idea about how to quarantine themselves. Whereas many are still unaware of the proper measure. Moreover, according to many, people having a mild illness but won’t be tested until labs have more capacity. Hence, we need to know how to break a COVID19 fever at home with the little medical help that we can get through telemedicine. So with that in mind, let’s look below at how to break a COVID19 fever with some simple, natural methods.

What Should We Do? Do We Take Panadol Only?

Fevers, in normal circumstances, can be treated by panadol only because having a fever is rarely fatal. Though it has all the ability to make you uncomfortable to your core, you can still combat it with a panadol and other over the counter medicines. But, if the case is serious such as COVID19, the fevers should not and can not only be treated by a panadol only and needs other supportive measures too. What can that be? here’s a little guide.

Take Your Temperature Regularly

It is important to be aware of what your temperature is, all through the day. If you keep a track of it, you’ll be able to know better about how to treat it.

Take Complete Bed Rest

When a body is suffering from high fever, it is already using its full energy to deal with it so you need to let it rest. Get a complete best rest, avoid exertion, and also doing anything which can tire you out. A complete best rest is a starter towards recovery.

Stay Hydrated And Have Iced Beverages

Have iced tea, chilled drinks, cold water, and a cold bath. Neutralizing your body temperature is also a good way to keep the fever under control. If ice baths are not an option, keep ice packs around and use them whenever you feel the temperature rising again.

Yes, Panadol Is Also Required

It is true that panadol helps get rid of the fever quickly but, you do not have to use panadol as the only treatment. It is important that you take proper professional help rather than self-medication.

Do Not Wear More Than One Layer Of Clothing

Having lots and lots of layers on you because you have episodes of chills will go the wrong way. Keep your clothes as light as possible and if you start feeling cold, cover yourself up with a blanket instead of heavy layers of clothing.

Still Consult A Doctor

Consulting a healthcare professional should be your first priority. Let them decide which type of care do you require. If they ask you to visit the hospital follow that and if they recommend you to quarantine at home, follow the above-mentioned tips. Ask them for their help to explain the right way of quarantining and medications because not everyone can have the same medicines. Self-medication can be harmful, avoid doing that.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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