Do Early Puberty In Girls Need Special Attention

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Due to less literacy rate, Pakistan is having trouble in such situations which are not very complicated. Puberty and its changes are obvious in girls after 15 or 16 years. These changes are not very crucial or unusual but little carelessness can affect the whole life of a girl. There is a need to educate mothers from the very first day of their daughter’s birth that puberty needs attention at an early stage.

Here are some common situations in puberty which need special attention and consultancy. You can now book the best gynecologist in Lahore via

Menstruation Period:

Puberty actually means the start of menstruation period in girls. The common practice in our society is feeling ashamed to share about this period. This is the duty of mothers that they give confidence to their daughters that they do not need to feel shame about this natural process.


During early puberty period, girls can gain weight. Do not scold them about it at all. Make sure their food is healthy and proper. Do not cut off healthy nutrients from their diet. This obesity usually abolishes with the passage of time after an adult time period. You can now book the best gynecologist in Karachi via


Do not get worried about pimples. During early puberty can cause pimples. Do not pick these pimples because they can leave scars. Commonly, girls get tensed about pimples and start scratching them.

early puberty in girls


Menstruation hygiene is one of the most important things that mothers need to educate. No sanitary pad can be usable after 8 hours. There is no need to give your daughter cotton pads and clothes. You can now book the best gynecologist in Islamabad via

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Stress and Mood Swings:

In this time period, girls can suffer from stress many psychological changes. Mood swings are a very common problem and excess fatigue can harm in various way.

early puberty in girls
early puberty in girls

Keeping an eye on your child is as important as any other thing. Puberty is a time when parents must keep their kid closest to themselves. The reason behind this thing is at this time there are more chances that your kid’s ahbits can be manipulated.

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