Do You Know How Eye Specialists And Eye Surgeons Can Help You? Here Are Reasons

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Every single person is fighting with a disease. The lucky ones may have to go through minor diseases but others can have major ones too. Eye diseases are one of the most horrible diseases so far. Can you just imagine a running pinkish eye when you got up this morning? Yes! it’s hard to even imagine.

Okay! I can explain even the worst condition and that is night blindness. In the daytime, you can see all the glories and colors of natures but at night you are hardly able to go outside because of night blindness. This is one of the worst eye condition and there are so many on the list as well.

Some of the eye diseases are curable by the passage of time and proper treatment but other can become lifetime ailment. Timely treatment is very important because eye issues are really sensitive to handle.

Sharing a personal experience when my sister took her eye itchiness really for granted and delayed the checkup. Later she had to suffer from severe pinkeye issue for the whole year and ultimately it ruined her productivity too.
Many people just like my sister are unable to get timely treatment because of lack of knowledge about the disease. They also have no proper knowledge that how they can get assistance form best doctor within no time. So today let’s just get details about eye diseases. Also, find out the difference between eye surgeon and eye specialist so that in future you have the right vision to book an appointment with an eye doctor. If you want to book an appointment with the best eye surgeon in Karachi or any other city you can visit

Here are Some Really Common Eye Diseases

Night Blindness

It is clear from its name. NIGHT blindness. In this eye disease patients suffer from blindness during the night and in the places where there is more darkness. Let’s just say some people really feel difficult to reach their seat in a cinema. Often people have difficulty to walk even when the darkness starts spreading in the evening. So this is exactly called night blindness. There are so many reasons behind this blindness. Cataract, keratoconus, and shortsightedness can be one of the reasons behind the disease.

Even some people born with this disease. A good eye specialist can help you in this disease.

Here are Some Really Common Eye Diseases

Cross Eyes

In this disease your both eyes are not aligned when you look at something. In medical language, it is also called strabismus. This disease can be a natural flaw. Only a good eye specialist can fix these diseases. Another condition of this disease is Nystagmus. In this condition eyes automatically move of jiggles. These conditions can also be handled by eye surgeons if needed but it initially just depends that on the situation of the disease.

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Uvea is the middle layer of the eye which is consist of most of the blood vessels. Uveitis is a disease that actually causes inflammation in uvea. Now this disease is something really serious and also needs attention. Uveitis destroys eye tissues which can lead to vision loss as well. There is also no age limit for this disease. Major symptoms include blurred vision, eye pain, redness, and sensitivity from light.

It depends on the condition of disease that which doctor you need to consult either it is an eye surgeon of an eye specialist.


This disease can be a result of diabetes or age factor. Elderly people mostly suffer from it. In this disease patient experience blur image, redness, pain and in some condition vision loss as well. This is more like a slow poison for the eyes. The patient always needs surgery in cataract. This could be minor surgery if a patient’s diabetes, blood pressure, and other results are normal.


This disease also results due to any chronic disease or high sugar level in the body. There is no definite disease that can be a cause of glaucoma. It occurs due to a group of diseases. Major reasons are Inflammation, damage or block in blood vessels, and eye injury. Treatment may vary it can be handle with through eye drops and surgery both.

Eye Specialists

Eyelid problem.

Its symptoms may appear the same as that of other diseases. Pain, itching, and tears in eyes. Even sensitivity from light is also one of the reason. Eyelids obviously play the important part I protection and relaxation of life. In this disease patient also experience a problem in blinking. Surgery is not the primary treatment but in severe case surgery is necessary.

Now let’s find out how eye specialist and eye surgeon can help? What are the conditions which need only surgery? And from where you can find the best doctor in your city.

Eye specialist

Every disease has primary and secondary conditions. An eye specialist is the one who diagnoses and give primary care to the patient. This specialist can also treat some of the diseases which only needs medications. Most of them deal with vision issues. Even patients with weak eyesight, glasses numbers and lens can take their assistance. These doctors can diagnose the conditions and give medication if necessary for following diseases.

    • Retinopathy.
    • Farsightedness.
    • Nearsightedness.
    • Eye redness.

In a nutshell, you primarily have to visit eye surgeon for any eye disease. After that situation of that disease will be analyzed whether it needs surgery of only medication.

Eye Surgeon

After primary diagnose patient is fully cleared about his disease and eye specialist guide him whether he/she needs surgery or not. This surgery is only done by expert eye surgeons. Now the question is which conditions need surgery mostly. Here are some major eye diseases which need immediate surgery.

    • Glaucoma.
    • PRK.
    • Argon.
    • Laser eye surgery.
    • Cataract.
    • Diabetic retinopathy.
    • LASIK.
    • Lens Implant.
    • Corneal surgery.
    • Orbital surgery.

In all these eye diseases patients must not delay the procedure of surgery.

Technology advancement has made healthcare so accessible that you can easily book an appointment with the best eye specialist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan from

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