Health Benefits Of Increased Plantation In Lahore

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According to the World Health Organization, “good health means more than just the absence of bad health symptoms. It means the presence of positive emotion, quality of life, sense of community, and happiness”. Now, if we follow this statement of WHO then we should pay more attention towards the factors that can help us in accomplishing this level of good health and life. Let just talk about the most underrated factor, which is a plantation. The careless encumbrance of humans in green nature has made the earth lose its natural beauty to the extreme. Don’t know why is it so difficult for humans to understand that there are terrific health benefits of the plantation. They think trees are utilized to give oxygen only while they do extensively more than simply giving out oxygen.

Thankfully from past few years, there is an increased plantation in Lahore. It’s not only making Lahore the beautiful of all but also offering numerous health benefits to the residents. Let’s have a closer look on top of these health benefits.

Trees Clean The Air:

Due to consecutive heavy construction in the city, smog has trapped Lahore and its residents. But now, there are increased plantations in the city then we hope it helps in eliminating the smog factor. Trees purify the air which is filled with various pollutants and also absorb odors and filter particulates out of the air. It allows people to breathe in clean air and prevent severe respiratory problems.

Trees Cool The Streets And The City:

Due to global warming, Pakistan is facing extreme weather conditions every year. In Lahore, people affect badly with heat waves. But with the increased plantation in the city, hopefully, this issue will minimize on its own. This is because; trees cool the city by shading homes and releasing water.

Trees Shield People From Ultra-Violet Rays:

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. Ultra-Violet rays are responsible for causing this cancer. Trees reduce UV exposure by about 50% thus providing protection to the people when they spend time in outdoors.

Trees Speed Up The Healing Process:

Different studies have shown that patients who view trees out of their windows heal faster and that too with less complication. While children suffering from ADHD show fewer symptoms when they have exposure to nature. Moreover, exposure to trees and nature helps improving concentration by reducing mental fatigue and illness.

It was just Lahore but now the target of planting 100 million trees throughout the country is the best decision government has ever made. The Green Pakistan Programme is an effective way to boost country’s climate change resilience against harmful fallouts of climate change. We should promote it more because Pakistan is in dire need of more plantations.

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