Here Are Some “Serious And Grossy” Side Effects Of Haram Meat.

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We as Muslims are allowed to eat what is Halal and good. Allah the beneficent, the merciful has blessed us with a wide variety of food, which is pure, clean, healthy, nourishing, and pleasant to taste. We obey Allah Almighty by eating these allowed foods (Halal) and avoiding the forbidden foods (Haram) which are mentioned in the Quran. However, in this destroyed society we don’t know how often we are fed up with Haram food. All of us are now living with this fear and guilt in our hearts. And it all started when we got to know that different groups have been caught that used to sell Donkey and Horses meat to restaurants in Lahore.

It was so devastating when we heard this news because for every Muslim it is completely unacceptable. We are absolutely not allowed to eat donkey and horse meat, it is forbidden in Islam. Although we don’t need a reason why it is not allowed to eat Haram meat because Muslim dietary practice is fundamentally about obeying Allah. But still, if anyone wants to know the reason then there are many science-based evidences that prove Haram meat is not good for the body at all.

Haram Meat Has Negative Effects On Mental Health:

Different studies have proved that consumption of proper nutrients has great importance on psychological, mental, social, and cognitive behaviors. There is a significant correlation between the type of food we choose to eat and our mental health. However, a recent study shows that Haram meat is also related to stress, anxiety, mood disturbance, and irritability, lack of motivation, low cognitive behavior, inappropriate social behavior, and poor memory.

Causes Several Diseases:

Haram meat is very poor in nutritional value yet very high in calories. This type of meat (Donkey and Horses meat) is directly related to cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory problems, and chronic diseases. No wonders why Allah has prohibited us from Haram meat. We are smart enough to see how everything that Allah has made us Halal is very beneficial to our body.

Now, many people avoid eating out in the restaurants. They prefer cooking and eating Halal food at home, which is a good option especially when there is a surge of selling donkey meat in the city. Although authorities are taking actions against the illegal and Haram business of selling donkey and horse meat to hotels, still we need to be more careful. Most of the restaurants and hotels that sold Haram meat were sealed and fine. But unfortunately, these eateries have reopened bringing donkey meat for sale again.

At this time the only thing we can do is to eat more at home because we have to follow the rules of Allah and we have to eat Halal food to get all the health benefits that Allah has given to us.

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