How can you Manage Diabetes at Work- Few Strategies to Manage

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Are you a career conscious person suffering from diabetes? Do you at times feel taken aback due to your disease. Let me tell you-you are not alone in this. Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide well known and successful included. From Nobel prize winners to actors and singers. Thomas Edison, Elvis Presley and many of likes battled their way to success refusing to diabetes hinder their journey.

This might seem like a struggle to balance life and work. But it’s all worth it and always remember that you are more than your ailment. Where no one can deny the importance of an endocrinologist for diabetes management there are several other strategies to help you live better with this disease.  Especially if you are working you need to be a bit more organized regarding this.

Here we have hand-picked some of the best ways to manage diabetes at work. Taking a look at the lives of successful diabetics, how famous people manage with this disease and some other practical tips from a pro, we have gathered it all in one place.

How can you Manage Diabetes at Work

Make a Right Career Choice:

If you are aware of diabetes at the beginning of your professional life you are lucky. This might give you time to decide what works for you. Choose your direction wisely. Make a well-informed decision. Diabetes and career can coexist. All you have to do is be realistic. Know what you can achieve with this disease and define a clear strategy.

For instance, if you are a pharmacist working in a production or sterilized environments may not be suitable for you.

This does not mean you have limited choices but a wise decision at this stage will definitely pave a path to success.

Start Right:

It is very important to start your day in the right way. Especially if it’s a workday. You might be strapped for time and tempted to skip breakfast but never do it. Skipping breakfast when you are on medication for diabetes can bring on dangerous outcomes.

Having a nutritious breakfast lays a base for a day with stable sugar levels. To further knowledge about what diet is good for you to book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan using you can also opt for an online consultation. Taking care of your diet has never been this convenient.

Know What You Eat:

Coming to lunch if you are bound to eat outside or from café know exactly what you are eating. Keeping track of your food is helpful in the management of your diabetes. Taking lunch along from home is, however, the best option.

Testing Diabetes at Work:

At some point, you might need to monitor your glucose levels at work. Be sure to bring along a well-organized kit. Separately packed alcohol swabs and safe disposal are essentials to an accurate result and safety.

Injecting insulin might also seem like a hurdle to many. But novel devices like insulin pens are very convenient to use. New ones don’t need refrigeration as well and can be used anywhere at any time. if you are using one that needs to be kept the cold use of ice packs is recommended. This is especially helpful if you do not have access to a refrigerator at work.

Testing Diabetes at Work

Use of long-acting insulins is another option. These help you minimize the number of injections during a day. To further learn about insulin usage and management visit an endocrinologist.

To Tell or Not to Tell:

It is your decision whether you want to inform your co-workers and boss about your disease or not. But make sure at least one person at the workplace knows about this. this is especially important if you use insulin. Teach them about what low blood sugar levels look like and what to do in an emergency. Keep Glucagon with you. It is an injectable drug which can be used in an emergency for low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia can be fatal. Someone around with knowledge can help to save your life.

Few other Tips:

  • Do not deny the need to eat when you have to. Keep hard candies with you. These are good glucose boosters and can be used during meetings.
  • If it seems too awkward to eat at a board meeting just excuse yourself for a bathroom break and eat your snack right away. Keeping a snack packed for such occasions might come handy.
  • Inform your manager or boss about your limitations straight away. If they cannot cope with those it is better to be informed beforehand.
  • After food stress is the most important factor affecting your blood sugar. A good night’s sleep is essential to counter stress.
  • Staying hydrated is of utmost importance in diabetes. Be sure to differentiate between feelings of hunger and thirst.
  • When there is a celebration or a birthday party at work you can always be a part. Just adjust the rest of what you eat. Sticking with a small serving of cake is also important.
  • Keeping healthy snacks on hand is vital in diabetes. Nuts, protein bars, and protein shakes are all handy and would not spoil if kept in a desk drawer.
  • If you drive your vehicle to work be very aware of how you are feeling. Driving with low or high sugar levels can be dangerous for you and others on the road. If you are not feeling well ask someone to drive you home or just call a taxi.
  • Remember no one can discriminate you for your disease. Neither at work nor at play. This is solely your will to continue things that matter. Being aware of your disease condition and manah=ging it well according to protocols and suggestions from your doctor is important.
  • Your success is dependant on you and your work. Diabetes is a good way to take care of yourself. It makes you eat healthily, exercise daily and keep your health tracked. You may not agree but many people would not take care of themselves as they should when healthy.

Share your story with us. Get help from our forum if you need. There are doctors and experts on board at Marham facebook group. We would be more than glad to help you with any confusions you might have regarding this disease. Diabetes converts you into a warrior. Be sure to fight and refuse to give up.

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