Is Sugar Addiction For Real: What’s The Real Truth?

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We often hear about someone that he’s a “sugar addict’’ or “give him sugar or else he’ll die”. Of course, people say it in humor but the concept of sugar addiction is becoming very familiar especially among those who adopted a low-carb way of eating. To some people, a term “sugar addiction” sounds really dumb. But it remains a controversial and misunderstood concept. For professional consultancy, you can visit a dietician.

Is It Real Or Imagined?

Some scientist claims that there is no sugar addiction. But the possibility that sugar addiction is to be sure a real and demonstrable phenomenon got a lift recently when researchers at Princeton College were able to show sugar addiction in rats. They withheld food from the rats for around four hours after waking (the likeness missing breakfast) and after that fed the rats’ regular food in addition to sugar water on the side.

After some time, the rats rapidly started racing to the sugar water, bingeing on it, and frequently consuming every last bit of it within the first hour. At the point when the sugar water was, at last, pulled back, the rats showed the great indications of removal such as teeth babbling and shaking. And when the sugar was suspended, the researchers noted changes in the animals’ brain chemistry.

So, it seems that sugar addiction is real. But regardless of whether or not there is such a thing as sugar addiction, we can’t deny the fact that for some people it is so difficult to even consider giving up sugar and sugar-containing foods. However, high intake of sugar is extremely dangerous for health and one should try to control sugar cravings.

Effective Tactics And Strategies To Squash Sugar Cravings:

If you think that you’re one of those thousands of people who are addicted to sugar, then you can follow the below-mentioned ways that can help you fight the cravings.

  • Avoid Triggers: try to avoid foods or passing by the shops and bakeries that can trigger your sugar craving.
  • Take Hot Showers: some people who experience sugar cravings have found that hot shower or baths help them fight the craving by providing relief.
  • Drink A Glass Of Water: some experts say that dehydration can cause cravings. So, whenever you experience sugar craving, drink a glass of water.
  • Take A Nap: Sugar craving can be related to fatigue. You can take a nap and relax to make yourself easy.
  • Distract Yourself: don’t forget that your brain is in your control. Try to distract yourself and try to focus your mind on something else.

If you can’t get relief from these strategies, feel free to consult with the specialist. There is a solution to every problem so don’t hesitate and discuss your overall condition with him.

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