Your Lost Voice of Liberty!

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In Pakistan, health is a luxury, not a right. It is only affordable to a chosen few. If you have a rash or a mole, then you better keep it hidden until it sucks the life right out of you or you can say goodbye to your savings.

Why is it that in Pakistan, the real customer for whom all facilities have been established is put AFTER everything else? For example, is the hospital there to serve the administrators/doctors MORE than it actually benefits the patients? Ever since the launch of unions across the world, people were made to believe that with the establishment of these mediating bodies, their rights will be better served and their problems will be better heard and accounted for.

Over the course of decades, these unions have been stigmatized with political reasons and other religious reasons to serve a chosen few, with the privileges and the right kind of bribe. They exist to wreak havoc in making sure that the demands of their benefactors are well served, the rest of the society stays to be conveniently ignored.

There NEEDs to be a platform where this less-fortunate (and majority of our population!) people can share their problems and get the due attention they rightfully deserve. If there can be a union for serving the rights of the doctors, calling strikes when they are being underpaid, shutting hospitals when the government chooses to pay no heed then there MUST be a platform where the patients who suffer due to all these events can complain! Call a strike against those striking and suppressing the rights of those for whom healthcare industry was established in the first place.

When a doctor is not available to see you, there needs to be a platform where you could still share your illness and get a possible diagnosis and suggestion for fixing the pain and misery.

Your Lost Voice of Liberty!

When the hospitals refuse to take your appointments, there needs to be a platform where you can still access the doctor of your chosen specialty to attend to your needs.

When there is a long waiting line dreading you, there needs to be an equally competent doctor that you should be able to access promptly.

When you are too shy to ask about your health problem, there needs to be a platform where you can express your worry anonymously and still get an elaborate response.

In your time of distress and pain, MARHAM is the platform where YOUR DEMANDS come before everything else.

  • You want to book an appointment with a cardiologist or a urologist?
  • Ask a question anonymously?
  • Seek medical advice regarding a possible treatment?
  • Understand your blood reports?
  • See something in your X-ray that you want to be explained?
  • Find competent doctors near your house?
  • Get a review for a specialist before paying him a hefty visit?

It is everything and beyond which can walk with you through your time of pain and help you heal. MARHAM is not simply an IT solution showing you a list of names or a few functional buttons, it is a community where the spirit of helping and caring is promoted. It is a spirit that needs to be re-awakened in our healthcare system. It is a process at the end of which you are healed and stronger to help others fight the battles you won!

MARHAM is a platform for patients, which stands united against the perpetrators of justice, adamant at de-stabilizing the country’s healthcare system. We are just a click away, all you need to do is ASK.

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Norin Chaudhry

The writer is a PhD in the Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, at Iowa State University in the lab of Gustavo C. MacIntosh.

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