Make Your Daily Walk A Walking Workout With These Simple Ways

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Taking a walk is all we can think about in this COVID19 lockdown because what else can be done?. We are sick of sitting in our rooms, we are sick of looking at the blank walls and all those TV shows that we have been repeating for months. Now, after months, walking has become a routine. We go out, we walk every day but why don’t we think of the walk as a healthy routine and just a time pass?.

Taking a walk is a great way to get some exercise when you do not have a gym to go to. While walking is considered as easy, light, and ambling and usually considered mental-health purposes, there are ways we can make them hard enough.
The people who are dependent on gyms, cycling, and also indoor activities are stuck because they have no source of maintaining their fitness routine, for them, we have some tips to make their walk even more eventful and tough like a workout.

Walking can also build you some strength and endurance and also, can get your heart rate up. Scroll down to consider easier ways to convert your walk into a workout.

Start A Walk With A Warm-Up Just Like You Do Before A Workout

Before you start your walk, take some time to warm up, give your muscles the right stretch, and start so they can be activated while walking. Use Flexors and other exercises, waist twisters, and high knees so you are properly warmed up before hitting the track.

Increase The Distance Of Your Walk

If you are already walking for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times per week, try moving it up a bit to 30-40 minutes 4-5 days a week. But make sure you progress slowly, adding two to five extra minutes to each walk per week. Once you have already build up the duration that is challenging for you and also doable, you can stay there for a few days before increasing your intensity further.

Pace Up With Intervals

Always remember to have your intervals. Keep your pace on a rule ‘ short periods of harder efforts’. This is not only done to make your walk more challenging but can also be more engaging and fun.

Use A High Beat Music To Increase Your Walking Tempo

There’s a reason why working in groups have more engagement. Working in groups means you have someone to lift your morale up, to encourage you to do better and also to boost up your energy. Similarly, music is another way to keep you uplifted and encouraged. Music not only boosts up our mood but it can actually make hard efforts feel easier. What’s more, it can also work as a kind of upbeat tempo for your pace.

Cool Down With A Stretch Session

Warming up and cooling down before and after the walk is as important as the walk itself. Taking a few extra minutes for cooling down is important as it allows your muscle to relax and also prevents straining the muscle. It can limber muscles after a walk, can ease fatigue the walk has built up.

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