Mixed Feeding – Combining Breast and Bottle Feeds

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It is perfectly fine to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. You can use formula or expressed milk for bottle feeding. Introducing a bottle after eight weeks of birth is suggested to avoid its effect on breast milk production. This is a great option if you plan to go back to work. Also, it is beneficial to mix feed rather than stopping breastfeeding altogether.

How To Introduce Mixed Feeding When I have to Go Back to Work?

If you have planned to go back to work and need to cut down on feeds, do it gradually. Drop one feed per week. This will be helpful in the prevention of engorgement and leaking. Once your body has adjusted to missing one you can go on to drop another. Doing this you can minimize the risk of mastitis as well. When you swap breastfeed for a bottle your milk supply at that time decreases. So maintaining a schedule is important. It will take around 3 to 7 days for your breasts to adjust to dropping a feed.

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If you drop feeds during the day when you head back to work you will still have a good supply in morning and evening. Feeding your baby on coming back is a lovely way to reunite after being apart for hours. If you have any postpartum health issues visit your gynecologist.

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When your baby starts eating solids at around six months of age her requirement for milk decreases. You can give him expressed milk or formula at either end of the day. Using a beaker can eliminate the requirement of bottles altogether.

What to Do if Baby Refuses to Take a Bottle:

A baby who has been exclusively breastfed may not take a bottle at first. The difference in sucking action required may confuse her. She may refuse to take it if she can smell breast milk. Try the following tips to encourage her to take the bottle.
  • Ask someone else to offer the bottle at first.
  • Try different teats and bottles.
  • Soften the teats with boiled water.
  • When you are offering her a bottle hold her in a position different from breastfeeding. Prop her against your front so that she is facing away from you.
This can help your baby get used to this new mode of feeding. In case you feel something needs special attention regarding your baby’s health you can book an appointment or have an online consultation with the best child specialist in the main cities of Pakistan via marham.pk.

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