Breastfeeding – 7 FAQs Answered for Beginners

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You have seen your superpowers through those entire nine months of pregnancy. Giving birth to your child you held on and did not give up. While reading this your bundle of joy is around you. You feel blessed. As you start this new journey with your little one you may have many queries sprouting in your mind regarding feeding your baby, keeping her healthy and taking the best possible care of her.

Are you a new mum struggling to know more about breastfeeding do’s and don’t’s? Marham has got you covered. Here we are answering top 7 FAQs regarding breastfeeding.

If Breastfeeding Seems Like a Struggle Does it Mean it’s not For me?

NO. For a lot of mums and babies, breastfeeding might seem like an effort in vain. But things improve as you both practice and preserve. There is help and support available to get you through this. Share, ask experienced ones and in case of any health issues you might face regarding this see your gynecologist.
mixed feed
mixed feed

Is it True That Breastfeeding is The Best?

YES. Breastfeeding has numerous benefits and to cover all these we will need a separate discussion. Top of the list are:
  • It contains over 400 nutrients, hormones and disease preventing compounds.
  • Its composition keeps altering according to your baby’s requirements as she grows.
  • Babies being exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of their life have superior cognitive skills compared to formula-fed age mates.

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Is Breastfeeding Beneficial for Mothers?

YES. It has many positive effects on your health. Such as:
  • Protection from ovarian cancer.
  • Decreased chances of type 2 diabetes.

For How Long Should I Breastfeed?

It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months of her life. Breastfeeding beyond this is termed an extended feeding. How long you want to continue depends upon you and your circumstances. Generally breastfeeding until your baby is two years old is recommended.

What Can I Do To Be Prepared for Breastfeeding?

Stay healthy and learn as much as you can before your baby’s arrival. So when you start you know what to expect and what’s not normal.

How To Start?

  • Find yourself a comfortable place to sit.
  • If you or your baby finds light and noise distracting go for a quiet spot in your house.
  • Hold your baby in one of the breastfeeding positions you are okay with.
  • Keep a glass of water and some pillows close to supporting your back, arms, and your baby.
  • Make sure your baby latches on correctly taking a big mouth full of breast tissue.
  • If latching hurts, break the suction using your little finger and try again.
Staying relaxed is key. If you are stressed it might be postnatal depression then you can make an appointment with the best psychologist to find out cause and cure.
mixed feed

Is Breastfeeding easy?

The experience differs widely. Some find it very easy from the start others might need time and patience until they learn this skill. Give yourself enough time as you are learning from scratch. Seek help and do not shy away from mentioning and discussing your problems. You have done a great job bringing your baby to this world and you would be doing fine for upcoming days.

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