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Moist tobacco

Moist Tobacco (Naswar) More Harmful Than Cigarettes


“Smoking is injurious to health” this quote is very common. But cigarette is the most common habit among youngsters. This is the fact that narcotics are emerging its roots in Pakistan with full swing. If the cigarette is a slow poison than Naswar is more harmful than...

Benefits of Hijama

5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Hijama. (Cupping therapy)


Cupping therapy which is also called Hijama therapy is an ancient method of pain relief and relaxing therapy. There are so many other benefits of cupping therapy. People get it for so many purposes. Its practice differs among all cultures and societies. This practice consist cap over...

Diseases in Pakistan

5 Common Diseases In Pakistan That Need More Attention


The increasing rate of health issues in Pakistan is alarming. Some of these health issues are leading to new kind of diseases while others are most common that have been eradicated from most part of the world but still exist in Pakistan. According to World Health Organization...

desi food

5 Desi Foods That Can Ruin Healthy Routine


Being a Desi means eating a lot of food and……yes again eating a lot of food. No matter if it’s a roadside food or cooked by your mom at home. We Pakistanis simply indulge in Desi foods anywhere, any time. Even someone who puts himself on diet...

cop up weakness on eid

5 ways to cope up Ramadan weakness on Eid


Ramadan is about to end and we all are already missing the beauty of this month. There is no doubt that God has created everything for a good reason. Similarly, when Ramadan has benefited us in several ways, it has also created some weaknesses in our body....

World blood donor day

World Blood Donor Day, Your Blood can Save Lives.


Sitting in the waiting area of the hospital I was getting irritated for the long wait and unhealthy environment. Suddenly I saw a person that was in full anxiety and roaming around in search of something. He was continuously making calls and shouting to arrange something urgently....

Migraine and headache

6 Useful Tips To Help Prevent Migraines And Headaches


A Throbbing Headache Will Make You Miserable Anywhere Anytime. Headaches…ugh! And migraines…double ugh! They’ll make you feel like trash no matter what! And trust me, those painkillers aren’t the answer every time. In fact, you won’t need them at all if you make an effort to improve...