PM Pakistan Against Another Lockdown Due To Unstable Economy

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ISLAMABAD November 6, 2020: The country is heading towards a new wave of COVID19 pandemic and has experienced a resurgence in the number of cases. Keeping this situation in the notice, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan on Tuesday mentioned that Pakistan cannot afford to go into another lockdown and people need to strictly adhere to the guidelines.

In the cabinet meeting, Imran Khan asked the provincial governments should ensure the implementation of the trace, test & quarantine (TTQ) method and also, smart lockdowns strategies to deal with the fresh infections.

The NCOC is discussing the additional measures to control the rising spread of COVID19. The National Command and Control Centre is directed to take immediate measures that can have the strongest impact on this disease without having to curtail economic activity.

Imran Khan says that the timely measures by the NCOC amid rising cases of the virus can control the spread of COVID19. The meeting which was held to deal with this specific purpose gave a nod to the NCOC decisions. Decisions that were made included mandatory face masks in public places and minimizing schedule for markets. Moreover, it was decided that these SOPs should also be given to the directives of marriage halls, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has requested the public to maintain a balance in their lifestyle to cope up with the COVID19 situation. Along with directing the authorities about these SOPs, all the hospitals nationwide are directed to deal with any emergency situation.

The second wave of COVID19 has already arrived and new restrictions and lockdown were inevitable by the government.

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