Precaution And Post Caution For Cataract Surgery

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Eyes are one of the most precious organs of the body. For a second close your eye and imagine that if life would be darker with no light. How hard it is to even imagine this, isn’t so? A cataract is the eye disease that if it is not treated on time then It can turn a happy full of light life into a dark one. Though it is the simplest procedure yet every surgery needs pre and post cautions.

If the patient will not follow all the post cautions then there must be chances that this simple procedure can turn into lifetime ailment. So Here are some precautions and post caution for cataract surgery. For more guidance, you can get a consultation from the best Eye Specialists in Lahore.

Precaution For Cataract Surgery

There are really important points that your doctor will do before surgery. These points include the check and balance of the body’s situation.

    • The temperature should be normal.
    • If you are diabetic then your blood sugar level should be normal.
    • LFT (Liver function Test) should be normal.
    • You must not have any drugs allergy.

Expectation during surgery.

Cataract can only be removed by surgery there is no way out other than this. Lens or laser is not a permanent solution. Sooner or later the patient has to go through the surgery. This surgery is a minor one but eye are a sensitive place. Always take ophthalmologist advice for a successful surgery. Ask the doctor for the right lens. Do not go for any cheap or fake lens because it can cost your vision.

Prepare yourself a week before surgery. Stop eating unhealthy for and do not take the stress. The night before surgery use your suggested drops. Do not eat a heavy meal in mid-night.

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Post Caution For Cataract Surgery.

So now you are done with the surgery. You need to be more careful because there are so some sudden reactions that can occur right after the surgery. These reactions include.

    • Blur vision.
    • Temperature.
    • Pain.
    • Stress.
    • Eye tears.

Do not get panic in these symptoms and rush to your doctor immediately. These are only emergency conditions and happen in a few cases. Post caution for surgery include.

    • Do not bend down for a day or two after surgery as it can put stress on the eye.
    • Do not take heavy bath or swim. Use no chemicals direct for eyes.
    • Wear sunglasses and avoid exposure to any type of light for a week.
    • Eat healthy food and stay hydrated.
    • Get a checkup after every 3 days or week.
    • Do not drive until your doctor allows you to do so.
    • Do not rub eyes for a week or two.

Your eyes are precious. It’s better to be late than never. Don’t rush for the recovery and give yourself time to heal. For more guidance, you can get a consultation from the best Eye Specialists in Karachi.

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