Did you realize Your Child’s Eyesight is weak?

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“But Ma’am, apart from all that we, from the school, would be working at, I strongly suggest you take Aleena at least once, for an eye check-up. Many of her teachers, including me, have been observing that she faces quite a lot of difficulty in reading from the blackboard, and even from her book when we have our reading sessions. In fact, the other day, the Maths Teacher specially came to me to share that Aleena, who was always one of the best students, has lately started making careless mistakes and losing marks just because she is copying out sums wrong from the textbook!”

“Mrs. Sameer, I’m feeling so confused at the moment! I know Aleena was having so much trouble with her eyes, and we did consult an eye specialist last month…and…and Aleena has even been wearing her brand new glasses to school!”

“She is, Ma’am? But none of us have seen her with them! And that was one of the main reasons I decided to call a personal meeting with you!”

“Ohh…I guess it’s making some sense to me now…it is…yes, it is…”

And this was how, finally, Aleena’s mother got to know about the disaster that had been going on! The eight-year-old Aleena was hiding from everybody at school, that she was to wear spectacles! Perhaps she was shy or was scared of accepting that new look, or maybe she could recollect the way one or two of her classmates were made fun of, on “their first days with glasses”! It had been a month approximately, and poor Aleena had not gathered up enough courage, to share the fear with her mother, or anyone. What all she had thought she could do was to go from home every day with her glasses on, take them off all during the school hours, and put them on again once the bus would drop her at her gate…

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This sounded a familiar story to me, as I recalled the day I too had to go to school for the first time in my glasses… It had been a challenging task. With all the anxiety locked within myself, as soon as I had passed through the corridor and entered the classroom, I was treated as if I was a strange, weird alien from another planet.

Parents, and mothers specifically, seldom reach that point where they are able to feel the discomfort their children go through, even if it is about the addition of a pair of glasses on their face! Yes, it seems something that shouldn’t be making so much of a difference, but it actually does.

However, if once we do need glasses, we can always try out a few food options, like carrots, almonds, and aniseed’s (saunf)…hoping that one day we can well get rid of them. And for those of us who still have perfect eyes, may as well have lots and lots of these, for staying out of the danger zone!

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