A Day Off For Our Mental Health On ‘World Mental Health Day’ At Least?

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LAHORE October 7, 2020: Mental health is a topic we don’t talk much about. Be it, youngsters or adults, anyone can suffer from mental health issues and we should address that. In our culture, mental health is still considered taboo and no one wants to talk about it. Whereas in countries worldwide, mental health is taken very seriously and mental health days are used to raise awareness about mental health issues. As the mental health day is approaching, therapists and healthcare workers suggest making use of it properly.

In various countries around the world, Mental Health Day is a day taken off from work and other activities for the purpose of de-stressing or recovering from the hectic routine and overburdening. It is suggested to identify when you’ve reached your limit mentally and emotionally and take a day off rather than just on the day you feel sick.

According to the doctors, A well-timed day taken off for self-care can play a big role to improve our mental health. As our routines are getting hectic than before, it becomes more important to take a break from your workplace stressors and other tiring activities. This can help to avoid bigger mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

If you have started feeling more anxious than usual, having trouble focusing on your work, something major in your life is distracting you, or you have been feeling stressed and burned out for several weeks or months without relief, take a day off immediately!

Psychologists recommend to disconnect from all the activities completely and instead, spend your time enjoying creative stuff like painting or writing, working out, watching a fitness video, or meditating. Moreover, don’t forget to talk to your therapist about specific stressors you may be experiencing.

So, are you planning to take a day off on International Mental Health Day?
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