Sports In Ramadan, Is It Harmful Or Not?

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People who have exercise as a part of their daily routine, find themselves wondering whether they could continue their routine during Ramadan or not. In fact, continuing with your exercise routine during Ramadan has no apparent health risk. But, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. Our bodies lose water and minerals when we are fasting, in amounts almost similar to those days when we do not fast. However, what differs from normal days is the lack of our ability to find an immediate recovery for such losses. On that basis, there are certain things to look out for when doing sports during Ramadan. Let’s have a look at the finer aspects of doing sports while fasting.

When To Do Sports During Ramadan

The health-conscious people mostly wish to continue their sports routine during Ramadan but they find themselves which time is suitable. There are certain things to take into consideration. If you are looking for a convenient way of doing sports during the months of Ramadan, you can consider brisk walking as a good alternative. When you fast, your body will not be able to compensate for burned calories from sports activities done during the day and that is the reason, walks are better.

Here’s What You Should Eat If You’re Doing Sports

If you intend to continue with your exercise routine in Ramadan and are looking at exercising after iftar, then you should stay away from fatty foods that are hard to digest. You should also wait for about 1 to 2 hours before doing a walk or sports activities to digest what you have eaten. You may choose to eat some light snacks after your exercise routine.

Taking a break from your sports routine in Ramadan

Taking a break in Ramadan from your sports activities can be a bad decision. It may negatively impact your physical activities if you decide to take a break from your sports routine in Ramadan. After Ramadan, it may take 5 to 6 weeks to regain your lost performance. However, changing your dietary habits during Ramadan brings with it certain risks. You may, therefore, consider making some small changes to your exercise routine instead of quitting altogether. What is important is to follow a lighter workout regime during the adaptation process.

A Word From Marham

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