Symptoms and causes of Hypothyroidism.

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It is a state in which thyroid glands do not produce enough hormones. This disease mostly occurs between 40 to 60 age. This disease often occurs in elder age and not an early age. When it occurs at an early age it shows some different sign like obesity, joints pain, infertility and heart diseases.
Many of us still not have an idea about this disease because many diseases have the same symptoms as others have. To know more about Hypothyroidism we need to know its symptoms and causes. You can also consult with the best ENT specialist for further information.


It may develop slowly but it has long affected not only on the throat but also in other parts of the body. One cannot guess the symptom at once. Major symptom includes a slowdown in metabolism. Other symptoms may include constipation, fatigue, Dry skin, puffy face, muscles weakness, pain, stiffness, depression, hair fall and hair thinning, heavy or slow menstruation and unusual weight gain.

Not all symptoms mean you have Hypothyroidism but if you feel any, then its alarming situation. It’s time to see a doctor and carelessness can be harmful. If it is not treated on time these symptoms can become severe. A patient can feel more depressed and put him/herself in anxiety. Hypothyroidism can occur in young kids and teen as well. It can directly affect their growth. You can also consult with the best ENT specialist for further information.


The only major cause of Hypothyroidism is that when thyroid glands are unable to make hormones. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the throat. These Hormones helps in maintaining body temperature and heartbeat. Another major reason is a deficiency of iodine. This disease can be cured by radiations, medications, and thyroid surgery. You can also consult with the best ENT specialist for further information.

Risk factors.

This disease has a direct risk factor for pregnant women. It may affect baby growth or may also affect ladies to conceive at the proper time. Heart problems are also on the risk factor that can result through this disease.

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