These 5 Household Items are Overloaded with Carcinogens

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Cancer, the deadly disorder and is still considered as an unsolved question. One reason for it’s a wide occurrence is a large number of carcinogens, the causative agents of cancer. Many are the items we use on daily basis; no we are not talking about bug spray, weed killers or cleaning agents. Yes, they are but many others culprits are also there. Want to know? Here they are.

Curtains and Carpets:

Soft surfaces of curtains and carpet are the best shelter for smoke chemicals which come from outside. The tiny carcinogens of smoke reside there even long after the smell of smoke is gone.
carcinogens in curtains
This is called as third-hand smoke and it’s resistant to even the strongest cleaning products. If you have damaged your lungs by smoking for years find and consult with the best pulmonologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities via and regain healthy lungs.


Carcinogenic chemicals can turn up in appliances, especially in refrigerators, and directly go into the body by food items kept in them.
carcinogenic food
Food items frozen for more than a week are more loaded with carcinogens. To know how diet can prevent cancer book an appointment with the best dietician in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities via


Perchloroethylene is a carcinogen that can build up wherever you store your dry-cleaned clothes, mostly it is the cleanest part of your closet. It’s also found in shoe polish, and wood cleaners. Do you know there are some diseases that can blow up because of wrong footwear?

Leather Recliner:

Chromium is a well-known carcinogen found in tanned leather, wood furniture, certain dyes and pigments used in textiles, and cement.
leather retains carcinogens
It is slow in action but ultimately increases the risk of cancer, even in mild concentration it can cause skin issues. Find top seven dermatologists in Lahore and Karachi via

Granite Counter:

Granite counter top, especially of kitchens are really appreciating looks-wise but have you ever thought that it may be carcinogenic? Yes, it is, graphite is not safe, especially when it comes in contact with heat. At the high temperature of the kitchen, it can emit the radiations which are a potent source of lung and skin cancer. To find the best oncologist in Islamabad or any main city of Pakistan you can visit and get help in fighting cancer.

Such a hard task to avoid carcinogens, isn’t it? But you know the simple habits like eating fresh produce and washing hands after each activity can reduce the risk to 50 percent.

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