These Winter Diseases Can Affect Your children, Here Are Some Preventions

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Winter is here. This is one of the most difficult seasons for almost everyone especially mothers. Most common question asked by mothers in winters is “How to protect kids from viral diseases”. There are a number of diseases that are common in this season. However, we might be aware of some diseases but some are hidden yet viral.
In this article, we will find out some common winter diseases that can attack your kids and you need to be careful because these diseases are not only restricted to kids only. Once it attacks a person in the family then it will surely affect other members as well.

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Here are some common winter diseases for kids and preventions from it.

Colds and Fevers:

Most common yet very long lasting and irritable disease is a fever. It can start from pre-winter and won’t leave your kid till the end of the season. Although this can attack elders as well there is some reason that it is very common in kids. These reasons include no proper hygiene, carelessness in warm clothing and unhealthy food.

To prevent this disease make sure that your kid is proper hygiene and wearing socks especially. If kids are playing outside make sure that they wash their hands after all fun and games.

Sore Throats:

Sore throat is one of the common diseases that needs no excuse to trigger. It will last longer and it won’t be wrong to say that it will last for the whole winter. Young and kids can equally suffer from this because of winter viruses and bacteria. In this disease, kids can also suffer from sneezing.

To prevent from this make sure that your children are taking good care of hygiene. Washing hands before meals and bed time. Other than this keep them warm with clothing and a healthy diet. For immediate relief gargle with Luke warm water and salt.


Although it is disease related to the immune system it triggers more in the winter season. There are many reasons for its severe attack that include cold fever, bacteria, and pollen. It is equally common in kids and young people as well.

There is no proper cure for asthma yet but you can minimize its trigger by following some simple tips. Stay indoor in extra cold weather. Try to avoid places which have pollen density. Wear a scarf but not woolen one. Do not skip medication. For asthma or any other disease in children, you can book an appointment with best child specialist in Lahore from

Dry Skin and Rashes:

Winter is all about dryness. All of us experience is but the situation get worst when it turns into rashes. Redness and peeling can also occur. This mostly happens in children because they are careless in eating habits. In winter mostly kids drink less water which causes more dryness in their skin. Extra hot water bath can also be the cause of dry skin and rashes.

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For prevention, you have to avoid extra hot water bath. Only use lukewarm water and drink water properly. 8 glass of water is must for every day. Use moisturizers and avoid eating excessive dry fruits.



Sometimes flu is easy to go. But winter flu can be worst if not treated on time. Block nose and running nose can create a headache. It will not let you kid study effectively. This flu is also equally common in elder people as well.
For prevention, you may need medication. Other than this use nasal spray and take steam for block nose. Flu can take a while to cure so be patience.

Mouth Sore:

Mouth sore is a disease which not only occurs in winter season but almost every seasonal change. Drinking less water, using seasonal fruits and poor food choice can be the reasons for mouth sore.

You can prevent your kids from this common winter disease by not letting them use excessive dry fruits specially walnuts and cashew nuts. Encourage them to drink water and cover themselves.

These diseases can be a continuous headache if not get treated on time. Finding a good child specialist can save your time and family member’s health as well. Now the question is when to see a doctor and how? Here is the answer.


You can do some pre-winter tips to prevent your kid from all these ailments.

    • Give vitamin C enriched fruits and vegetables to your kids so that their immune system remains strong.
    • In winter, cover ears because cold weather firstly attacks ear and head.
    • Stay extra hygienic because bacteria are more active in this season.
    • Do not go swimming.
    • Give steam in case of flu and breathing issue.
    • Wash hands before every meal because unhygienic hands can cause stomach issue as well.
    • Avoid spicy food.
    • Use washed socks and cover foot in winters.
    • Consult a doctor immediately in case of a severe condition.

When to see a Child specialist?

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