Lack of Medical Facilities in The Unexplored Places in Pakistan

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The Unexplored Places in Pakistan
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Pakistan is blessed with beauty and wilderness. This region has a lot to offer its visitors with a range of topographies including gorgeous plains, golden deserts, enchanting forests and snow peaked mountains. However, lack of medical facilities in this region is apparent thus making it difficult for travelers to visit visit and wallow such beautiful and unexplored places of Pakistan:

Garam Chashma:

Unexplored places in Balochistan, Garam Chashma

This natural hot water spring in Balochistan is located in the ancient valley of Injigan. Geothermally heated, this beautiful spring can be accessed through small vehicles including jeeps. The natural hot spring is surrounded by lofty mountain peaks, where adventure seekers can endeavor rock climbing and mountaineering. Many people living near Garam Chashma believe that the water has healing powers and medicinal properties that can be used to remedy skin disorders. Tourists visiting this place can enjoy a relaxing bath and eat local Afghani cuisine.

Mud Volcano:

Mud Volcanoes in Balochistan.

There are more than 80 active mud volcanoes in Balochistan. Infact world’s largest and highest known mud volcano is found in Balochistan, with an altitude of 300 linear units. This volcano is of great tourist demand around the globe and among the rarest natural wonders in the world. Constantly erupting with organic clay, visitors can also find clusters of mud volcanoes near Gwadar District and Ormara. However, being one of the highest known mud volcanoes in the world  and one of the up and coming tourist destination, the medical facilities near this area isn’t up to the required standard. If a person contracts any injury or allergies there might be no medical treatment available. Thus tourists will have to prepared for any kind of unforeseen incident they may face.

Wall of Sindh in Ranikot:

Wall of Sindh Ranikot.

Holding immense historical importance, Wall of Sindh is sought to be one of the largest forts in the world. The Fort is located in the Kirthar Range, about a distance of thirty kilometers southwest of small town Sann, in Jamshoro District, Sindh, Pakistan. The fort offers a panoramic view of the landscape, however, this historical landmark suffers with no maintenance. Despite being among the largest forts in the world, the Sindh authorities have been unable to cite this fort as a tourist attraction. For tourists willing to visit this site, there are other small fortresses as well nearby, located on the rugged mountain peaks such as Meeri. Unfortunately, the travelers need to be fully equipped while visiting the Wall of Sindh since there are no medical facilities available in case of emergencies or injuries. However, in case if you fall sick or need any health related disquisition, download MARHAMFind A Doctor android application for assistance. You can find a doctor by specialty or disease, book appointments, ask health-related questions from doctors and get prompt responses. You can connect with the application for regular health awareness, absolutely FREE of cost!

Chapursan Valley:

Chapursan Valley.

Stretching northwest for approximately 80km towards the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan, the remote Chapursan Valley is one of the unexplored places of Pakistan. This beautiful natural tourist attraction offers splendid trekking opportunities and the chance to experience the renowned Wakhi hospitality and culture. Tourists can visit the colorful Panja Shah Ziarat, a shrine dedicated to a Sufi saint. The place is not easily accessible and not a lot of people are aware of this breathtaking place. One has to travel through the rugged mountains and sliding sharp slopes in order to get to the colourful religious site. It is surrounded by lush meadows that host herds of sheep and boasts picturesque scenery. Beautiful villages covered with lush green vegetation and stone cottages offer varied hospitality to guests and visitors. For a comfortable stay and hassle free vacation, tourists can always book hotel online with Tripkar.

Our country has a huge potential for tourism considering the natural beauty it boasts, however lack of facilities and development in the areas pose as a hurdle and a number of stunning places are left unexplored. You can also join TripKar Travel Forum for any travel related updates and discussions!

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