Walking After Eating: Is It Healthy Or Not?

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Walking is one of the best workout activities one can have. It has so many benefits and also, people use walking to lose weight. But little do we know that walking has so many positive effects on health which have been proven from time to time again. Walking not only promotes better health but also walking is the best pass time activity one can find. Getting bored, let’s go for a walk. Friends have come over, we’ll have a walk. Feeling sad, go for a walk in the fresh air. It always makes us feel better no matter whatever the situation is.

In recent times, according to the health and fitness community, taking a short walk after each meal has uncountable health benefits. This article focuses on all the positive aspects of walking, specifically after having a meal. Scroll down to know more about it.

1. It Improves Our Metabolism And Digestion

Carrying so many health benefits, the walk has a major impact on our digestion. Walking after having a meal gets us improved digestion. How is that? if we have had a meal and we decide to take a walk, it promotes stimulation of our stomach and intestines which consequently causes our food to move through towards digestion more rapidly. Additionally, having low to moderate activity right after eating also protects our gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

2. Can Also Help In Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Walking after meals has another notable effect. If we walk for half an hour after eating, it starts improving our blood sugar management. This factor can specifically benefit those people who suffer from type 1 and 2 diabetes. Moreover, people who have such conditions that impair blood sugar processing. It is said that if people with such conditions walk after eating, it may prevent the causes of excessive spikes in blood sugar. Consequently, they’ll be needing less amount of insulin or oral medications.

3. Walking Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Physical activity, specifically walking, has always been linked to our heart health for decades. People with heart conditions are always recommended to carry their regular exercise. It helps them lower blood pressure and also bad cholesterol. Moreover, it reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack as well.

4. Helps Us In Managing Weight Loss

Physical activity and exercises such as walking play a great role in managing weight. Be it, trainers or dieticians, all of them recommend walking or carrying out the physical activity to lose weight. Walking is well known to play a major role in weight loss if worked with a proper diet combination. Weight loss only works with walking if we are in a calorie deficit, it means, you should be burning more calories than you are eating.

5. Helps Eliminate Muscle Soreness

Worked out a lot and have muscle cramps now? Let me make it clear, sore muscles never go okay if you keep resting. You would definitely hesitate to workout again after you are left with sore muscles, but according to some pros, walking after eating can help reduce that muscle soreness.

6. With The Positive Effects, It Can Cause Us Upset Stomach As Well

While walking after having a meal has various positive effects on us, it has a very few associated negative side effects. One of them being a major one should be mentioned. Walking after eating can cause some people an upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, gas, and bloating.

This usually happens because of food that we have recently eaten moves around in the stomach which creates a less ideal environment for the digestion of food. If some of us have started experiencing any of these symptoms, you should try and wait for 10 to 15 minutes after having a meal and keep the walking intensity low.

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