What Causes Bed Sores And How To Prevent It?

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Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers develop when there is too much pressure put on a certain part of the body. It usually results from prolonged pressure on the skin and is more common in bedridden patients and the elderly. These sores not only cause pain and discomfort but may also lead you to the infections like meningitis and cellulitis. The shoulder blades, elbow, tailbone, hips, and heels are the most common sites for bed sores. So, if you or someone in your family is currently in bed rest then there are several things you can do to prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores).

Change Positions And Shift Your Weight Frequently:

If you have severely limited mobility or if you use a wheelchair, try shifting your weight about every 15 minutes. Of course, you can’t do it yourself so ask for help to reposition your body. When you change position more frequently, there will be less pressure on your skin which eventually reduces your risk of developing sores.

Keep Your Skin Clean And Dry:

You can keep a check on your skin but bedridden patients need your help. So, help them in checking their skin regularly to see if you notice any signs of bedsores. Also, try to keep their skin clean and dry. To keep it clean dip wash rag in a bucket of warm water and mild soap. Then clean the skin with it and dry with a smooth towel.

Use Pillows And Foam Pads:

It is another effective way to prevent bed sores. You can use foam pads in the bedding to provide more comfort and cushioning. Moreover, you can put pillows between parts of your body that press against each other. This way you get relive from pressure and your body stays well-positioned.

Exercise And Physical Therapy:

If you use a wheelchair and you have enough upper body strength, do wheelchair pushups and raise your body off the seat. However, if you can’t get out of the bed then seek professional help from a physiotherapist. He will help you in performing a few ranges of motion exercises in bed. It really helps in reducing the risk of bed sores. So, make sure you’re in a regular physical therapy program.

Also, look closely at your skin daily for warning signs and symptoms. If you notice any signs of bed sores, immediately consult with the skin specialist because the sooner you notice a problem the sooner you can get the treatment.

Few Most Popular ENT Specialists:

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