What Is Cholecystectomy And Why Is It Done?

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Cholecystectomy is a treatment which is done to remove the unwanted formation of gallstones. The built-up of gall stones lead to excessive pain, nausea and requires to remove immediately. Cholecystectomy is the most common and safest treatment recommended by doctors.

Types Of Cholecystectomy

There are two main types of cholecystectomy in Pakistan, both of them are safe and almost the same but there is a minor difference which we need to understand.

Open surgery

An open surgery procedure is done by making a cut of 5 to 7 inches in the patient’s stomach. It is done to take the gallbladder out. This surgery is also done in the case of being overweight or pregnancy.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is also called a “keyhole surgery” by the doctors. In this type of surgery, there is no need to make big openings or cuts to perform it. There are only a few small cuts one to examine and treat the gallbladder through a tiny camera. That camera and the flexible tube have a light and a tiny video camera sent into the patient’s stomach. These help your surgeon see the gallbladder better. A special tool will be used to remove the diseased organ.
Both types of surgeries only require going under general anaesthesia. The patient sleeps through the procedure.

The Common Causes Of Gallbladder Damage

There are various things that can cause damage to our gallbladder. Doctors only recommend this surgery if you experience a “gallbladder attack.” It’s an intense, knife-like pain in your belly that can last several hours.

Symptoms can include:

  • Sharp pain in your abdomen,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Indigestion,
  • Fever, and
  • Yellow skin

If left untreated, the gallstone attack can also lead to more serious problems, like:

  • Cholecystitis — an inflamed gallbladder
  • Pancreatitis — an inflamed pancreas
  • Cholangitis — inflamed bile ducts

Cholecystectomy Benefits

Cholecystectomy has various major benefits which are evident right after the treatment and also by the passing years. Some of the main benefits are:

  • It requires only small incisions that do not hurt or leave scars on your skin.
  • Less pain as compared to open surgery or any other surgery
  • Quicker recovery.

Cholecystectomy Cost in Pakistan

The cost of Cholecystectomy in Pakistan varies between PKR 30,000 – PKR 50,000.

It mostly depends on:

  • The equipment used in the procedure
  • The situation of the patient’s case
  • Hospital you will opt for the treatment
  • The doctor performing the procedure.

Cholecystectomy Recovery

The recovery after this treatment is quicker and easier than any other treatment. Patients experience no pain after the surgery. Doctors allow them to go home within 24 hours of the surgery.

Some people might experience the following effects:

  • Nauseated after surgery. (caused by anaesthesia)
  • Pain in their abdomen area
  • Pain in shoulders

You should only be as active as your body supports, overexertion can cause the area to hurt.

Doctors recommend:

  • Walking
  • Stairs (after a day or two)
  • Can take the bandages off the next day of surgery
  • Showering after taking the bandage off

These are the common things you should follow and if you experience any issue in the normal activities please see your doctor.
If you underwent an open surgery with a large incision, you’ll be needing more time to recover. Also staying in the hospital for a few days after surgery. Expect to go back to full activities in 4 to 6 weeks. You will probably recover more slowly in other ways, too. Your doctor can tell you what to expect. For any further query or help, visit Marham.pk or call at our helpline 03111222398.

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