What Is Tailbone? Causes And Treatments

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What is Tailbone pain?

Tailbone pain (also termed as coccydynia) arises in the lower portion of the spine just above the buttock. The tailbone is important region yet it is small in size. It plays an important part in the support, balance, and muscles of the body. So this made a clear image in your mind that tailbone pain can be horrible and disturb the whole body. If it is not treated on time it can damage balance and support in the body.


There can be numerous causes of tailbone pain. If you are a sports lover or athlete then it can happen once in your lifetime. In men, it may cause soreness during a bath, sex and lifting heavy objects. In women, it can cause pain during periods. Following are the main causes of tailbone pain.

Tailbone? Causes And Treatments

Excessive Sitting

If you are doing overtime in the over or sitting more often than you can suffer from tailbone pain. Uneven posture can also cause this. Check your chair too it can also arise the pain.

Problem in Spine

If you have some spine issues that it can also be one of the causes of tailbone pain. Spain cancer can also be the cause of pain.


During compression during pregnancy, this pain occurs. There must be extra careful during this time period because it’s all about family.

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Trauma During Childbirth

Giving birth to a child is always a difficult task. It is more like breakage of bones so you can also suffer from tailbone pain as well.

Infection, Tumor, or Cancer

These three can be the cause of pain. You cannot ignore this pain because cancer and tumor spread rapidly. Consult the best neurologist for such pain before it gets too late.

Tailbone? Causes And Treatments



You can treat it with a gentle message while sitting at home. Use any essential oil and massage the affected area twice a day. Keep your body warm after this message and do not immediately sit under AC or cool place. Cover yourself properly.

Specific Exercises

Ask your orthopedic specialist for good exercises for pain relief. Do not go for all normal exercises because it can increase the pain. There are some healthy yoga postures that can give you immediate relief. Yoga is always a good option for pain management.

Proper medications

Do not miss your medication. If you are o antibiotics you must complete the course according to the recommendation of doctors. If you won’t do so this can lead toward the worst scene.

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