What the White Spots on your Nails ACTUALLY Mean!

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The fact that white spots on nails means calcium deficiency is a MYTH. World’s another oldest conspiracy. Which, by the way, I spent the better half of my life, blindly, believing. Much like most of us.

What causes the white spots on your nails?

Contrary to the popular belief, the white spots are due to an old injury to the nail’s base (matrix). They might as well be as old as from 6-7 weeks ago. They are also known as leukonychia and they fade away in a few weeks’ time. Or they may simply outgrow the nail eventually.

They are harmless and DO NOT REPRESENT ANY VITAMIN DEFICIENCY.  They could be caused even after you got yourselves a manicure that might have put extra pressure on the base of the nails. Therefore, a sign of white spots is not a bad sign. They could also be a mild form of an infection or a consequence of allergy to any nail polish you might have used.

In cases where having spotted nails is significant is when they might be darker in appearance. For example, of black, brown or purple color, because in these cases, they present themselves to be signs of skin cancer. Book an appointment with a dermatologist immediately to get a full body work-up for progression of cancer.

So the one thing I learned out of my experience is to never trust any fact (no matter how eloquently stated) without doing my background check on it and to never google my symptoms. It makes me feel sicker than I actually might be, like the sad character of the Man Who Was A Hospital.

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Norin Chaudhry