Why My Legs or Hands Feel Numb?

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If you feel numbness in your legs and hand then it may be due to some reasons but first, we need to identify their cause.

Numbness may be presented differently in different individuals; such as

  1. Sharp pain in legs or hands
  2. A backache due to standing for long intervals.
  3. You are anxious about something.
  4. There may be frequent visits to the washroom.
  5. Rashes may appear on your body.
  6. You feel itching in certain parts of your body.
  7. Muscle spasm is another sign for you to take notice.
  8. You feel prickling in your hand and legs.

why my feet are numb


  • It can be due to damage to the nerves or looseness of veins.
  • Our wrists and legs have different nerves they can be affected by some diseases like blood pressure or diabetes which damage the nerves that are going to your hands and feet and result in numbness.
  • Sometimes it’s just the start of some fatal health condition like strokes or some brain-damaging condition. Just don’t ignore the symptoms and go for the treatment before it becomes too late.
  • Sometimes it may happen when you sit in some position for too long and there start pain and numbing sensation in your legs. In our language we say our leg has “fallen asleep” funny, isn’t it?
  • Numbing can be the reason of infection as leg pain is associated with back pains so it can be the reason that your spinal cord has some serious problem, a tumor, an injury or inflammation and it triggers sciatica pain resulting in extreme pain in back and leg. To consult the best orthopedic specialist in Lahore, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.
  • You can feel cramps or numbness after you break a bone in your hand, arm or legs. It will be an issue for you to move them and you will face swelling of joints too.
  • Sometimes the reason for numbness and pain in legs and hand is a surgical procedure and it’s quite common.

What to Expect from a Doctor Visit for Numbness:

To know the cause he will ask you where it occurs and how powerful it is. He will perform a test or scans namely MRI or CT scan. And diagnose your problem. He will recommend you some remedies to deal with this problem. Some of these can be done at home.


Some of the most commonly employed therapies for numbness include:

  1. Heat therapy
  2. Massage therapy
  3. Exercise

Numbness might not be considered as a very dangerous situation but if you feel it often you should consult a doctor right away.

Few Most Popular Orthodepic Surgeons in Lahore:

Prof. Dr. M . A. Wajid

Prof. Dr. M. A. Wajid

Dr. Tariq Sohail

Dr. Tariq Sohail

Dr. Farooq Azam Khan

Dr. Farooq Azam Khan

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