Why We Fall in Love? 4 Science-Backed Reasons

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Humans are habitual of questioning. They would question their existence, emotions and everything else on the planet Earth. Well, a lot of these questions may require you to search but what we are answering here is definitely interesting. Love is more like a mystery to mankind. Isn’t it magical to feel attached to a person the moment you set your gaze on them? as much as it is exciting sometimes it may puzzle many of us. Why do we fall in love? Is there any explanation? Any valid reason? Yes!

Here we are disclosing some reasons why do people fall in love. And this is not our opinion it has got some real research and scientific reasons behind it. Let’s see how it goes.

The scent of that Particular Person:

You know that our bodies secrete hormones and that is what regulates many of our bodily functions. Like these, there are pheromones secreted by human bodies. these linger on outside of human bodies and are present in sweat and other body fluids. This is what makes an odor of every person characteristic to them only. Science suggests that this odor has a subconscious linkage with feeling attracted to someone.

Why Do We Fall in Love?

Surprisingly this is also related to gene makeup and diseases susceptibility. In a research study, women were asked to rate the smell of T-shirts worn by different men. all participants preferred those men who had good genes and had disease resistance as well. To find a doctor for genetic disorders you can log on to marham.pk and book an appointment with the best geneticist in Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan.

Similar Values and Interests:

A study conducted on 1500 couples found that couples falling in love share similar interests and basic values. This is another significant factor in the chemistry of love. Similar personality traits count for 86% of chances of staying happy after marriage. Basic values and beliefs also count as a major factor in feeling attracted to someone.

Physical Appearance:

You always find that special person beautiful. Looks and certain physical appearance traits also are a major factor in making someone attractive. Conventionally a symmetrical face is a distinctive feature for attractive. This, when researched, disclosed that symmetrical face is linked to having a good gene pool.

Another research suggests that who we find attractive is linked to the type of faces we have been exposed to. Life experience we share with certain face types and kind of relationships we had in past. so you can feel attracted to face types you are familiar with compared to different face cuts and appearances.

Why Do We Fall in Love?

BMI (Body Mass Index):

A study found that men are attracted to women with body mass index between 18 to 20. This can be justified as it indicates good general health and fertility. On the other hand, women are subconsciously attracted to men having body fat less than 12%. High fat in the body is related to heart disease, diabetes and other reduced fertility as well. To find and consult a doctor for male fertility visit Marham.pk and book an appointment with the best sexologist in Karachi. You can also have an online appointment using a video consultation.

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