World Blood Donor Day, Your Blood can Save Lives.

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Sitting in the waiting area of the hospital I was getting irritated for the long wait and unhealthy environment. Suddenly I saw a person that was in full anxiety and roaming around in search of something. He was continuously making calls and shouting to arrange something urgently. Somehow with his talking style, I came to know that he is in a need of blood. You can also book the best cardiologist in Karachi through

Meanwhile, doctors came to him and inform something which put him in a miserable condition. Obviously, it was news of his loss. His eyes were speaking the pain that he wasn’t able to express. This broke my heart in pieces. On that day I realize the importance of blood donation.

Why don’t all of us recognize the same way and need for blood donation in our country and worldwide? Even if you want to know that why blood donation is important and healthy then here are the reasons.

Social reasons

Save Lives

First and foremost reason that we should donate blood is it can save lives. Regularly, thousands of people that got hurt with burn, suffering from thalassemia, Major, and minor injuries and many other diseases needs blood. Your simple act can save someone’s life. More importantly, saving a life can put you in a state of peace and happiness.

World blood donor day
World blood donor day

Healthy blood

By donating blood you can purify your own blood and give yourself a favor. Let me tell you how it works. When we donate blood, it wipes out already present unnecessary blood. So it won’t be wrong to say that God hasn’t created something without reason.

Humanity First

When you have something that you can easily donate and serve humanity then why not. There is a dire to serve humanity these days because our society is full of bad and good people. Your tiny act of kindness can not only save a person but a family too. You can also book the best doctor in Pakistan through

Medical Reasons

Reduce heart issues

One of the best medical benefits of donating blood is, it can reduce the risk of heart issues. Often heart diseases occur due to high iron level in blood. So by donating blood, we can reduce it.

Weight loss

It is recommended that blood donating after three months can help to reduce weight. It creates new blood cells and thus reduces the level of extra fat from the body.

Speed up healing

Donating blood can also speed up the healing process. It helps in clotting and make the healing process easier. Otherwise, the human body will not able to do clotting and causes blood loss. You can also book the best cardiologist in Lahore through

World blood donor day
World blood donor day

These all benefits can make you think again about the wonders of Allah. There is hardly anything which is not beneficial to us. 14 June is the day on which we must join hands to pledge that we will save our generations and humanity by donating blood.

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