“3 Signs Of Excessive Uric Acid In The Body”

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Uric acid is one of the fatal and common diseases these days. There is a number of reasons for excessive Uric acid in the body. Uric acid increase when there is high PH level in the body. In other words PH level increase toward acidic level on the scale. When uric acid increases it directly affect joints, kidneys, and arthritis. Uric acid occurs when the body breaks down the purine, a substance that presents in the human body and in some food too that we eat. Uric acid dissolves in the blood and causes other problems as well.

Kidney pain

When Uric acid in the body is excessive in the blood that has already transferred from the urinary tract, they create kidney stones as well. These stones can be small most of the time but sometimes they are dangerously big and excessive. You can consult with the best Rheumatologist in Pakistan from Marham.pk.

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Skin Problems

When uric acid increases in the body it create skin problems as well. The crystallized Uric acid can form a lump in the skin. They are not painful but it can damage the skin or looks bad too. Common area for the formation of these lumps is a finger, toes elbows, hands and other joint too.

Joints Pain

This is a very common symptom of high uric acid and can cause pain too. Initially, the patient feels inflammation, tenderness, and redness in the joints. A person can also feel hot and tired in a short time. A common area of pain is toes and knees. It won’t be wrong to say that Uric acid in the body affects all the joint including knees, heel, fingers, wrist, and elbows. You can consult with the best Rheumatologist in Lahore from Marham.pk.

Remedies and Causes

There is a number of reasons which causes high Uric acid that we need to avoid in daily routine.

  1. Drinking too much alcohol can cause high uric acid in the human body.
  2. Obesity and overweight are very common these days and a big cause of uric acid as well.
  3. Food with high protein is also a reason.


  • Uric acid is reduced by consuming lots of water.
  • It can also be a cure by reducing consumption of red meat and highly enriched protein products.
  • Minimize the use of starch and sugar as well.

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