4 Eye Conditions You didn’t Knew were Curable

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4 Eye Conditions You didn't Knew were Curable
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Oculoplastic surgery is the vast term which is used for different surgical procedures of the eye and its related structures like eyelids, the tear ducts, and the orbit. It may be the cosmetic, corrective or reconstructive surgery of the eye that aims to manage and repairs problems associated with the tissues and structures of the eye. Sometimes it is done only to beautify the eye or specifically the eyelids. Dr. Sameera Irfan is one of the experienced eye surgeons to handle this sensitive matter. Visit her clinic Envision, at Johar town Lahore to get your problems addressed.

Why is it Done?

It is amazingly good surgical procedures which help out various kinds of eye and related structures complications. Here we discuss some complications which can be successfully treated by oculoplastic surgery.

Eyelid Conditions:

Following eyelid, conditions can be treated by this surgical method. Many of these conditions are affecting people and they don’t know about its treatment. Avail these services from experienced professionals like Professor Dr. Zahid Kamal onboard with Marham.

  • Drooping Eyelid/Patois:

It the condition of drooping or falling of the upper eyelids. This may cause difficulty in proper seeing. Surgery is the best treatment for this abnormality.

  • Inward Turbed Eyelid/Entropion:

It is the condition in which eyelid turns inwards and cause eyelashes to rub against the cornea. This abnormality is also treated by surgical procedure.

  • Turned Out Eyelid/Ectropion

It is the condition in which the eyelid turns outward and cause excessive tearing, eye dryness, eye irritation or sensitivity to light. These all complications can be treated by surgical method.

  • Uncontrolled Blinking/Blepharospasm

It is the condition of excessive uncontrolled blinking and causes difficulty in the keeping the eyes open, sensitivity to light, blurry vision and facial spasm. This abnormality is easily treated by surgery.

  • Inability to Fully Close Eyelids/Lagophthalmos

This is the inability of the eyelids to close fully and it may lead to increased tearing, and foreign body sensation, pain during sleep and blurry vision. All these complications are treated by surgery.


If tumorous growths or some types of cysts appeared on the eye it really requires the surgical excision to repair to restore normal eyelid function.

Orbit conditions

Following conditions of the orbit can get benefit from the oculoplastic surgery;

  • Pseudomotor Condition: It is the condition of non-infectious painful swelling which occurred in the orbit of the eye.
  • Cellulite or infection of the soft tissue within the eye socket
  • Trauma or fractures or breaks in the bony orbital walls.
  • Tumorous growth within the eye socket which may lead to eyeball displacement, eye movement limitation, and deterioration of vision.
  • Acquired anophthalmia

Lacrimal system conditions

Following lacrimal conditions can be treated by this surgical method;

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  • The infected tear sac and obstructed tear drainage which may lead to watering of the eyes with abnormal discharge.
  • Blocked tear duct which may cause excessive tearing.
  • Trauma including lacerations in the tear channels and bone fracture around the tear duct.
  • Tumors of the tear sac or tear duct which may lead to bloody tear discharge.

Additional benefits

In addition to all above this surgical approach offers some additional benefits such as;

  • Enucleation

It is the special condition of eyeball removal and placement of artificial eyeball in its place.

  • Exenteration

This term refers to the surgical removal of some defective content of the eye sockets.

Side Effects of Oculoplastic Surgery

As compared to the vast benefits of this surgical method there are little side effects associated with it such as;

  • Swelling around the eyes.
  • Bruising.
  • Eye dryness.
  • Surgical complications like over removal of fat from the eyelid.

To avoid these unpleasant conditions it is advisable to only choose best eye surgeons for your surgery. To find best eye surgeon in Lahore log on to Marham.

Dr. Sameera Irfan, An Oculoplastic Surgeon, talks about oculoplastic and squint surgeries:

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