4 Foods and Calories Count For Fitness Savvies.

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All fitness savvies must pay attention because calories counts are the most important thing when you plan to get back to the toned body. When you are doing all the exercise make sure that it won’t suffer healthy intake of all the calories and goodness.
Remaining hungry all day is not what healthy body needs. To gain health and to lose weight at the same time is a bit difficult when you have a lack of knowledge. Let’s just explore the Calories Count in most of the daily use food and analyze whether it going to help or not.

Tortilla (Roti, Chapati)

60 gram Roti contain about 160 calories. It can vary whether you are using whole wheat or plain white bread. From this 160 calories, our body consumes about 62 percent of carbohydrates. 10 to 15 percent are for protein and almost 20 percent fat is consumed. You can also take help from the best nutritionist in calories management.


So rice is almost everyone’s favorite. One can hardly deny to a plate full of rice. It is not necessary that if you are eating rice than you cannot control weight and get toned up. 1 bowl of rice contains 136 grams of calories and similarly, a plate contains 272 calories.

French fries.

Potato can be settled with every dish. Potato is the most delicious dish that can ever happen to anyone. No one can say no when potatoes are served in the shape of French fries. 130 grams of French fries contain 427 calories. Yes! 427 calories are more than enough. If you are fond of eating French fries than you must quit this habits because potato with lots of oil can be dangerous. You can also take help from the best nutritionist in calories management.


Black coffee is a better option for fast metabolism and weight loss procedure. But if you are taking coffee full of milk, cream and sugar than you are almost gaining weight. It contains 150 calories in the cup of coffee with milk and sugar.

Cooked grain.

Grains are full of protein. You cannot simply eat this much protein at high level. Although grains are super delicious and likable with most the people. 30 gram of grains contains 104 calories. You can also take help from the best nutritionist in calories management.

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