4 Ways To Prevent From Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C” is spreading like a wildfire. Its symptoms are not usually visible initially so many of the victims are unaware that they are suffering from this curse. This is the reason that most of the patients get late for initial and proper medication. Deaths from this disease are also increasing day by day.

There are numerous reasons that can cause hepatitis c. The major reason in Pakistan for this viral disease is highly polluted water. Many people want to know that how can we prevent this disease. Obviously, prevention is the only way to keep yourself safe and healthy. But if you are feeling any of the symptom of this disease in the body do not take it to light and consult with the best Gastroenterologists for a blood test.

Here Is Some Major Prevention That We Ignore and Get Effected.

1)Boil Water

Even filtered water is not very healthy to use. Sadly, in our society, there are more frauds than trustworthy brands. I personally think that everyone must use boiled water at home and stop using any kind of branded filtered water. Now the question is how much-boiled water? All you need to do is just boil it once and that’s it. There is no need to boil the water for an hour. In a single boil, all the germs will be eliminated.

2)Never Share Needles

Make sure you are using a new needle every time. There is no need to use already used and unhygienic needles. This can be the immediate cause of hepatitis C. Sharing needle can be really harmful without any argument. That’s the reason that those who are drugs addict and use injections are mostly infected with hepatitis.

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3)Piercing Instruments.

Make sure that you are visiting most hygienic and trustworthy piercing or tattoo shop. Never compromise on the instruments they are using. This disease can immediately spread with unsterilized instruments.

4)Personal Hygiene Products

We mostly share personal hygiene products like towels, brush, jewelry, and deodorants. Quit this practice right away. Always use separate personal hygiene products. Hepatitis C can be mostly viral with connectivity with germs so make sure that your exposure to sure things which contains germs should be less.

5)Blood Supply

Those who are donating or accepting blood must make sure that their blood is free from hepatitis infection. Never compromise on your or anyone else healthy. Blood donation is a sensitive and Nobel matter. Keep it healthy and hygienic.

The Myth About Hepatitis C

There are some myths that hepatitis C can be spread through touch, breastfeeding, coughing, kissing, or hugging. Keep this in mind that these are just myths. But yes! Intercourse can spread hepatitis so keep sexual life in a healthy way.

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