5 Best Tips That Can Help You Deal With Migraine

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Migraine and other headache disorders are on the rise in Pakistan with every other person suffering from this problem in their daily life. It causes an intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of your head and hinders your activity, puts you in a state of complete restlessness and results in unbearable pain.

The good news however for you is that there are several simple things you can do to ease the migraine pain without. Sometimes, the migraine can be serious for which you should book an appointment with the best neurologist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

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Here are five best tips that can help you deal with a migraine easily:

Try a Cold Pack:

If you’re having an unbearable migraine, try placing a cold pack on your forehead. Also, ice cubes wrapped in a towel, a bag of frozen peas, or maybe even a cold shower can lessen the pain. You should keep the compress on your head for 15 minutes and then after that take a break for 15 minutes.

Ease Pressure on Your Scalp or Head:

The external compression headaches may also be brought up because of wearing a hat, headband, or other such items. If your ponytail is too tight, it can cause a headache too. A study found out that women who loosened their hair saw their headache disappear.

Dim the Lights:

Bright or flickering lights, even from your laptop or mobile screen, can lead to migraine headaches. If you’re prone to them, you should cover your windows with blackout curtains during the day. Try wearing sunglasses when you go outdoors. You can also add anti-glare screens to your computers and use daylight-spectrum fluorescent bulbs in your households.


Try Not to Chew:

The least brought up cause behind migraine is chewing gum which can not only hurt your jaw but your head as well. Same is the case for chewing your fingernails, lips, the inside or your cheeks, or handy objects like pens as they can also cause a migraine. Try avoiding crunchy and sticky foods, and make sure you take your meal in small bites. If you have a habit of grinding teeth at night, ask a dentist about a mouth guard. You can book an appointment with the best dentist in Islamabad or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Get Some Caffeine:

If you have pain in your head, try having some tea, coffee, or something with a little caffeine in it. If you get it early enough, it can ease your headache pain quickly. It can also help over-the-counter pain relievers to work better. However, be careful that you don’t exceed a certain limit as drinking too much caffeine can cause its own type of headache.


If you’re unable to cope up with the pain, book an appointment with the best neurologist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Share these tips with your loved ones and help them fight a migraine!

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