5 Most Common Myths About The COVID19, BUSTED!

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As we’re months into this COVID19 pandemic and this continues to infect people around the world, thousands of news articles are circulating over the internet every minute. The panic around us is not only because the people are scared of the virus, but it is also because they’re exposed to fake news every minute. Unfortunately, this relentless flood of information can have made it really difficult to differentiate among the fact and the myths. It is true that 80% of the panic during viral outbreaks are rumours and misinformation which can be dangerous.

Here are some of the common myths we’re been hearing about since the beginning of this pandemic!

1. Myth: Face Masks Is The Best Protection Against The Virus


The standard surgical face masks cannot protect us from COVID19. They are not designed to block all the viral particles. The surgical masks can help prevent infected people from spreading the virus by blocking the particles they can transmit but for the people who are not infected, this is not the best form of protection against this virus.

2. Myth: You’re Less Likely To Get Affected As Compared To The Flu


The normal flu transmission ratio is 1.3 whereas COVID19’s transmission ratio is 2.2. This means if a person who has normal flu is likely to affect 1 out of 3 people. To have an idea about how COVID19 works, a COVID19 carrier can infect 3 out of 3 people. So, it is not like the normal flu!

3. Myth: It Is Just Mutated From A Common Cold


No, it’s not mutated from common flu because Coronavirus is a family of different diseases. Out of 5 different types of Coronaviruses, 4 of them share similarities with flu whereas COVID19 does not share similarities with other coronaviruses.

4. Myth: Whoever Gets COVID19 Will Die


This is certainly not true. About 81% of the people who are affected by COVID19 are mild cases having easily manageable symptoms. So, not every person getting affected by COVID19 will die.

5. Myth: Spraying Ourselves With Alcohol Or Detol Will Kill The Internal Viruses Too


Spraying of showering yourselves with disinfectants, alcohol, chlorine or detol will only kill the outer viruses. It causes no harm to the virus if it enters the eyes, nose or the mouth. These products cannot kill viruses within the body.

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