5 ways to cope up Ramadan weakness on Eid

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Ramadan is about to end and we all are already missing the beauty of this month. There is no doubt that God has created everything for a good reason. Similarly, when Ramadan has benefited us in several ways, it has also created some weaknesses in our body.
Mismanagement in diet, sleep and work routine was a usual trouble throughout Ramadan. Eid is just around the corner so we can gain all the health back. There are no more sleepless routines and hunger management anymore. Let’s find out that how can we cop up Ramadan weakness on this Eid. You can also book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Lahore

Healthy Desserts

This Eid is all about Sweet and desserts. Anyone can hardly say no to these desserts. You can easily make sugar free or less fat desserts at home. All you need to do is Use low-fat milk instead of Full-fat milk. Use sweetener instead of sugar. Avoid making desserts with full of oil for example “Shahi tukray”.

cop up weakness on eid
cop up weakness on eid

Perfect sleep

In Ramadan, our sleep routine is disturbed totally. Most stay awake all night sleep after Suhoor. Eventually, on Chand Raat, we are hardly able to sleep. Ultimately Next morning that is Eid day we will feel lazy and tired. Make sure you are going to sleep properly so that you can wake up in an active manner. Try to walk before going to Eid Salat. You can also book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Karachi.

Healthy breakfast

Add oatmeal to your break fast after Ramadan. Yes! oatmeal seems really boring so we have a solution for this boredom too. You can put some honey and hand full of nuts in oatmeal. Trust me! it will taste more than delicious. If you are really concerned about your health don’t go for heavy and oily breakfast.

Meet and greet

Meeting neighbors, relatives and friends will definitely boost your energy. This eid doesn’t still idle and alone at home. It is an obvious fact that when you feel happy you body boost its health fast. Plan a lunch or dinner with family outside the city in some comfort resort and restore your health.

Plan workout routine

When Eid is over plan your workout routine. The workout will help to get rid of excessive fats that we gain during Ramadan. When we workout it turns the food into energy so to cop up the weakness of Ramadan some of these steps can be beneficial. You can also book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Rawalpindi

cop up weakness on eid
cop up weakness on eid

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