6 Common Pregnancy Fears and their Solutions

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Any pregnant lady is not only dreaming and planning about her coming child but also fighting against some natural fears. Yes, it is quite natural to have some fears according to your pregnancy. Here we have enlisted some common pregnancy fear and their possible solutions, just to relieve some of the discomforts of pregnant mothers.

I will Face the Miscarriage:

From very initial days, each pregnant lady especially the one who has conceived for the very first time got frightened to lose her baby. But do not be worried much about this. Proper nutrition and care will save you. Just take regular checkups with gynecologist. You can consult the best gynecologist In Lahore or Karachi via Marham.

My Morning Sickness Does not Allow Me to Eat Adequately:

Many mothers become stressed by thinking that their morning sickness causes weakness in them and in their baby too. This is correct but the worry is not the solution. Just eat little and many time during the day, take more natural and healthy food, it is the best solution. you can also find and consult with the best dietician in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.

Perhaps Many Foods are not Good for me or the Baby:

Young mothers are habitual of eating junk or oily foods. After conceiving they naturally think that most of their favourite food items are going to harm the baby. Of course yes. Leaving those things and replacing them with natural food is the solution.

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My Baby will be Born with Birth Defect:

In modern life, this happens many times, so it’s natural to think about this. And actually, it is good that a mother is thinking about this factor. Ultrasound can help you to know about the health status of the baby.

Labor will be Tough and Painful:

Labor will be Tough and Painful

With each passing day, this fear becomes more aggressive and frightening. But keep calm and think that you are not the first one who is going through it and you have natural ability to go through it.

What if I Don’t Make it to the Birth Center in Time:

This can happen and take the life of yours or your beloved child. You can ask the expected date from your gynecologist and make appropriate arrangements to avoid this bad happening.

  • Just do not stress over things you cannot control, your extra stress is going to affect your child negatively.

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