Pregnancy is serious! Here are the reasons for miscarriage

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Pregnancy is a very critical time in every women’s life. Women at the time of pregnancy require a lot of care because the first 20 weeks of pregnancy are considered to be very crucial for them. In early stages of pregnancy, miscarriage is the most concerning issue. Miscarriage is when the woman loses the fetus. The awareness of miscarriage can help a lot of people during pregnancy. It is important to understand these situations because then a person can be cautious about the concerning factors.

Below we have highlighted some important causes of miscarriage, if the situation of the person is serious then they should immediately find a doctor online;

1. Contraceptives

Use of contraceptives can be very harmful to the fetus. Contraceptives can induce recurrent miscarriages. Recurrent miscarriages are when there are habitual abortions, means that there can be a series of miscarriages. It is important to consult a gynecologist before using any contraceptives.

2. Age

It is seen that miscarriages in older age of women are one of the most important factors. Age and fertility have an inverse relationship. With the increase in age, the fertility of the women is decreased, this decrease in fertility causes miscarriages in women.

3. Medical reasons

There are many medical conditions, which can affect childbirth. The health of woman has a big role to play during pregnancy. It is important to go for a regular check-up from your gynecologist. Following are 2 common conditions which can cause miscarriage;

1. Thyroid problems
2. Diabetes


Certain infections due to food can cause serious complications during childbirth. Infections like salmonella infection and listeria infection can cause miscarriage during pregnancy. These infections are caused due to unpasteurized milk and red meat. It is important to eat healthy and fresh food during pregnancy and ask the gynecologist before adding anything to the diet routine.

In Pakistan, women do not have much awareness about miscarriage. It is important to educate them and let them know that these important precautions should be taken into consideration. There are a lot of gynecologists in Lahore, but people tend to follow the old fashioned theories, which can be dangerous.

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