6 Effects of Hair Dyes on Health

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There was a time when we used to dye our hair to hide grey hair but nowadays it’s gone beyond it has become a fashion statement to dye them in different colors and some people go beyond the traditional browns and choose to dye their hair in red and other funky colors too. It’s now a symbol to express a personality no doubt it makes you look unique, younger, fresh and you stand out in a crowd but don’t forget every chemical procedure has its harmful effects. There are researchers about this and results don’t allow frequent dying of your hair.

Side Effects:

  1. Redness of skin is the most common side effect faced by many people
  2. You can become prone to split ends
  3. Never ending scaling and itching on skin
  4. Too much dryness of skin
  5. You can even have asthma after dying your hair. To find and consult the best pulmonologist in Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.
  6. Loss of hair, look for the best hair transplant specialist in Lahore via Marham.

People, unfortunately, lack proper knowledge about hair dyes and just want to follow the trend. It’s of no use to worry afterward if you didn’t bother in the first place to acquire proper product knowledge and care required.

hair-dye and health

Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

Following some precautions prior to the procedure is always good. Here are preventive measures when it comes to hair dying:

  1. Avoid chemical based hair dyes instead go for natural products for your hair.
  2. Use ammonia-free dyes that are readily available in markets.
  3. Temporary dyes are safe for your hair.
  4. Always dye a patch first to test its effects.
  5. Your elbows are best to test the hair dye.
  6. Never leave it for the longest time than mentioned in the pamphlet.
  7. Wear gloves.
  8. Do not mix two hair dyes to make a color of your choice.
  9. Use conditioner and hair creams after dyeing your hair they will protect them from further damage.
  10. If you are expecting don’t go for dyeing your hair.
  11. Never attempt to dye your eyebrows or eyelashes.

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It’s good if you feel yourself equipped and skilled enough that you can dye your hair at home but you should go to professionals they will take care of your hair and perform the procedure in a skillful way and being professional they know all the pros and cons of it.

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