6 Hints Depicting a Child is Struggling with a Speech Disorder

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Being a parent you do every possible thing in your power to provide best of everything your kids need. Your search for the best clothes, best possible treatment, quality food, and reputable schools. You even look out for toys, they play with, to be entertaining and educational at the same time. But some situations in their life might need more attention than anything else. It is their health, both mental and physical wellness.

Speech disorders are one of the major issues affecting social behavior and educational performance of kids. But how many parents do actually pay attention to speech disorders? We have this prevailing social mentality that these will go on their own. Leaving the poor child alone struggling for good grades and social acceptance.

stuttering in kids
We want you to know and be watchful for commonly observed symptoms of speech disorders. Also, know whom to contact for help in this regard. A speech therapist is a specialist dealing with these disorders. You can find and consult with the best speech therapist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

Top Symptoms of a Speech Disorder:

When a kid is suffering from a speech disorder he will present few very obvious symptoms. Some of these are listed here for your information.


It is when a child repeats the whole word (he-he-he jumped) or its first syllable(j-j-j jug). If a child stutters he may not take part in presentations at school or may even avoid talking with others. This definitely is a desperate call for help.

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An inconsistency of Voice Quality:

Not all symptoms of a speech disorder are manifested as a vowel or consonant troubles. Sometimes the inability to control volume and hoarseness of voice is also a symptom of speech disorder. In this case, a child has correct pronunciation but will have trouble emphasizing correct syllable of a word.

Lack of Social Activities:

If a kid does not respond and acknowledges when you or some other family member interacts and shows blank expressions, it’s time to visit a speech therapist.

speech disorder may make a kid shy

Inconsistent Speech:

A kid may have perfectly pronounced a word at first attempt but next time he mispronounces it. Also, he might break a word while speaking like eat-ing.

Structural Defects of Mouth:

Structural defects affecting lips, jaw or tongue might prove to be a great hindrance in normal speech process. It might affect their academic progress as well. An ENT surgeon can help you in this regard. you can find and consult with the best ENT surgeon in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

Lack of Gesture:

By the time your kid is 7-12 months he should point and wave. Lack of using gestures might be an early signal to a speech disorder later in life. A little early intervention can save a lot of time and efforts.

Help You Children Over Come Speech Disorders:

In Pakistan wide range of speech and voice therapies are available. You can consult with the best speech therapist in Islamabad and other main cities and with the best ENT specialists in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan as well via Marham.pk.

Treatment for voice disorders, articulation problems, hearing loss is accessible and phonology related issues can be easily cured. Don’t delay treatment or oversee speech disorders as a negligible issue. It might stigmatize your kid’s personality and hinder their academic, social and professional growth in future.

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