7 Tricks to Make Vegetable Eating Interesting for Kids

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Each caring and aware mother wants to add vegetables to the kid diet to provide him all healthy nutrients. But little innocent creatures are not wise enough to understand this point they only look for taste and crunch. So if you are facing bad expressions of the little one on vegetable cooking than be happy, dear mom. Try these hacks to make the boring vegetables a real fun for kids.

Try Some Different Texture:

Kids noticed texture and shape. The new and different texture of traditional vegetables will make them appealing for kids. Try to cut the carrots into chips shape or cut out unusual shapes to intrigue your picky eater.

Make Different Combinations:

Kids are usually keen to take a crispy bite of the meat. So be a little clever with them mix some seasonal vegetable with meat. They will eat it indeed. Protein is essential for kids as are vegetables. To know more about what is necessary for kids for proper growth you can book an appointment online with the clinical nutritionist in Lahore, Karachi and all other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.

Choose the Sweet Vegetables:

The sweet taste of vegetables are appreciated by kids. So try sweet vegetables like potatoes, carrot, and peas.

Try New Recipe:

Kids are bored by old typical ways of cooking. New recipe with new taste will surely attract your kid to the vegetable dish. Try to bake vegetables or roast them instead of making curry always.

Tricks to Make Vegetable Eating Interesting for Kids

Offer New Variety:

Perhaps child may get trapped by some new vegetable in the dish. So shop a new vegetable which was not cooked in your kitchen before. The new vegetable may get approval from the kid and will develop his taste of vegetables.

Hide the Vegetable Content:

Be a little clever than your little one. Try to hide the vegetable content in a decent way. You can try a delicious vegetable soup, a new vegetable salad with cheese and cream or a delicious smoothie may help you a lot to develop vegetable taste in kids.

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Make Vegetables Interesting:

You can do it by your creativity. Take your child with you during shopping introduce the child to vegetables in little funny and interesting way. Make some story about vegetable and tell them during vegetable cutting. Show them how it looks by narrating some good words it will attract the child.

  • If these efforts go in vain than just try to make the kid agree to just take a bite. Perhaps a single bite each day will work in a long run.
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