8 Healthy Habits to Cultivate in your 20s

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Wondering why are we talking about healthy habits specifically in the 20s? Experts say that habits and wellness ethics followed in the third decade of life decide how well we age. Young people are continuously facing challenges in work, studies, relationships and much more. Who has time for planning long-term health benefits? This is why we have listed out what is essential and in this, we skipped some of the obvious things like no smoking and staying away from drug abuse. You already know that.
Here are top healthy habits to follow if you are twenty-something.

See Weight Machine Often

While many say you should not weigh yourself too often, it actually is a healthy practice. Keeping an eye on weight changes can ward off excessive weight gain. And it is much easier to get rid of 2 or 3 pounds than 20 at once.

The twenties is the time when the weight starts to pile on. We know how obesity is a major root cause of many illnesses. So, make this a ritual and follow this religiously to weight yourself very often.

Be Good at Cooking

Learn cooking. This will not only help you cut down excess calories and salt, sugar loaded convenience foods but also you will learn to develop and adopt a healthy eating pattern. Your goal should be to add more vegetables, fruits and nutritious foods to your diet. All the while keeping it tasty and healthy.
Be Good at Cooking
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Reduce Sugar Intake

Best health investment into your future is to cut down your sugar intake by lesser consumption of foods like;

    • Soft drinks
    • Use of table sugar
    • Foods with added sugar

Adopt an Active Life Style

Many young people just cannot manage routine exercise because of their busy schedules. This does not mean you cannot be active. Build staying active into your routine by a twenty to thirty-minute brisk walk, cycling or just climbing a flight of stairs.

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Eat your Greens

Following a specific diet might be difficult. But some things are easy.

    • Eat more plant foods
    • Eat fats foods in small portion and less often

Portion Control

 Healthy Habits to Cultivate in your 20s

This does not go as strictly for vegetables and fruits as it is for fast foods. If you must eat fast food, eat in small portions. Same goes for fat-condiments, salad dressings, and starchy oil-rich snacks etc.

Exercise More after You Eat More

Young people party more often. So adopting a post-party exercise routine to burn off all the excess calories you had is wise.

Remember you cannot stop aging but you can definitely choose how well you age.

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