A Life Saving Yet Complexed Liver Transplant By Dr Amer Latif

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Dr. Amer Latif, an Associate Professor HPB/ Liver Transplant Surgeon is on panel with Marham. He is a specialist in the complex liver, gallbladder, bile duct, and pancreatic disorders. Dr. Amer also deals with biliary strictures and injuries that happened to the liver and bile duct during laparoscopic or open surgery. He has been working in this field for over 27 years of time.

Over the years, he has performed various complexed procedures but very recently, he has performed on a patient who had a very rare condition. Here’s how he saved his life!

The Condition Of The Liver Transplant Patient

A 20-year-old boy named Ghulam Mustafa was a university student and was constantly struggling to focus on his studies amidst his health issues. He had already consulted many healthcare professions and went through several failed treatments when he checked in to Dr. Amer Latif’s clinic back in October 2019. Upon detailed examination, it was a disease named ‘Budd Chiari Syndrome’ that he was diagnosed with and his liver failed due to cirrhosis.

Disease Details

In this specific disease, the outflow channels of our liver get clogged due to blood clotting. Specifically, in the case of this patient, all three of his valves i.e left, middle and right valve was blocked and were only receiving blood inflow but the outflow was blocked, which caused him liver cirrhosis. In Budd Chiari Syndrome, a person loses their appetite and becomes extremely weak to even sit up on their own.

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • Water fills in the stomach
  • Patients vomit blood
  • Eyes become extremely pale/yellow

Liver Transplant Pre Op Formalities

Dr Amer Latif Performing A Liver Transplant Procedure


After going through the initial examination, the only solution that could be seen was liver transplant. Dr. Amer did his detailed examination and suggested him to get a new liver as soon as he could. The next recommended step was a donor, which was his paternal uncle, and was willing to donate this kid his liver.

This treatment procedure was scheduled to be performed in a renowned hospital. Before the doctors are allowed to begin the treatment, it is important to get the donor and recipient cleared from the Medical Advisory Board and the Ethical Committee.

The reason why the case has to be presented before these boards is to see whether the donor is legitimate and not forced or the recipient is actually deserving or not. After these formalities are cleared doctors are then allowed to perform the liver transplant procedure.

Who Was The Donor

Donor being a 35-year-old male was found to be a perfect match and later was also cleared from NADRA and HOTA. Mentioning that live liver donation is one of the most complex procedures which was performed by Dr. Amer Latif himself.

Surgery Duration

In Budd Chiari Syndrome, the most complex part is to reconstruct the hepatic veins which are damaged in cirrhosis. Specifically talking about this patient, all of his hepatic veins were damaged and required reconstruction.

In liver transplants, the liver donor and the recipient procedure is always done simultaneously. The donor procedure required only 10 hours whereas the liver transplant goes up to 18 hours of time.

After Treatment

The liver transplant and donor procedures were done successfully. Donor, the paternal uncle of the patient, was recovered and back to work in 2 weeks. Whereas the recipient was kept under observation in ICU for a week and was later shifted to their room.

In these procedures, as a part or donor’s liver is taken, it grows back to its original size in 1 1/2 month whereas the transplanted liver requires 2-3 months to grow back to its full size.

The Success Rate Of Dr. Amir Latif’s Liver Transplant Surgeries

Dr. Amer Latif is considered as one of his kind in the treatments of liver transplants. His average success rate of a liver transplant is above 90%.

Liver Transplant Package

Liver transplant packages vary from patient to patient as the costs that are collected are according to the patient’s condition and requirements. The average liver transplant procedure cost that Dr. Amer charged is around PKR 50 lac.

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