Is there an Autistic Child in Your Family?

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A mental disorder that often makes it hard to communicate with and relate to others is named as autism. Different areas of the brain fail to collaborate due to autism. Most people with autism will always have some trouble relating to others. But early diagnosis and treatment have helped more and more people who have autism to reach their full potential. For early diagnosis, it is foremost to know all about this ailment and following article will fulfill the aim.
causes of autism

What Causes Autism?

Unfortunately till now very little is known about it but it is believed that autism tends to run in families, so experts think it may be something that you inherit. Scientists are trying to find out exactly which genes may be responsible for passing down autism in families. One thing which studies assured about this brain disorder is that there is no link between autism and vaccination. So do not be afraid and make sure that your child gets all childhood vaccination to stay healthy. To complete vaccination or in case of any child illness, you can consult the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via
symptoms of autism

What are the Symptoms?

Autism reveals itself before a child is 3 years old. Usually, parents first notice that toddler has not started talking yet and is not acting like other children of the same age. But it can also happen that a child with autism start to talk at the same time as other children, then lose his or her language skills.For all brain-related disorders, it is advised to consult with the best neurologist in Karachi, Lahore or other cities of Pakistan.  To identify the disorder correctly following symptoms can be helpful:

  • Delay in learning or talking or not talking at all
  • Child may seem to be deaf, even though hearing tests are normal
  • Repeated and overused types of behavior like repeated body rocking, interests, and play.
  • Below normal intelligence
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Seizure disorder like epilepsy

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When you noticed all above mentioned symptoms in your toddler, it is the moment of grief, but control yourself and never try to resolve the problem by your own take the help from specialists to make the life of your child better.

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