5 Things Parents Should Know About Autism

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For new parents, it is difficult to grasp the concept of parenthood and how they should be taking care of that little bundle of joy that just made its way into their lives. From looking after its health to monitoring all sorts of developmental milestones, things aren’t easy for them. These developmental stages are stepping stones for their child which ensure that the baby is growing up to a healthy adult who is fully developed, both mentally and physically. But not all of us have it the easy way.

In today’s time over 300, 000 children in Pakistan are going through the developmental disability we have come to know as autism. It not only limits their ability to communicate but also changes the way they interact with things and people around them for the rest of their lives. Raising these kids can be a little challenging but with the right help, parents can make life easier not only for themselves but for their autistic child as well. But while you, as a parent, are dealing with all the hardships and challenges this new discovery would bring in your lives, there are certain things that you should know about autism first.

Look For The Red Flags:

The early developmental stages are the biggest clues to find out if your baby is suffering from this developmental disability. You must have noticed your child’s pediatrician inquiring about the developmental milestones on your every visit because most of the red flags raise up from there. Some of the early warning signs include:

  • A bigger head size which tends to grow at alarming rates in the first few months of infancy
  • The baby not making significant eye contact with anyone in the family
  • Showing lack of interest in toys even when the most colorful of things are brought close to him
  • Staring at the same point/object for a long time
  • Not waving, pointing or making gestural communication attempts of any sort

If you happen to notice either one of these symptoms in your child, it is crucial that you get him assessed by an expert. Find Best Pediatrician/Child Specialist in Lahore, Pakistan today and have your child diagnosed as early as possible. The earlier you catch up on this disability the more prepared you will be to assist your child in filling up the gaps he is missing out on.

They Aren’t Doing It Deliberately

As the kids would grow up, they would become a little difficult to handle when out in the social world. They prefer staying in their own little worlds and avoid contacts with the people who they do not consider to be a part of it. For them, their parents and siblings are usually the only people the feel comfortable with and thus, prefer having around. As for the rest of them, they would rather not even exist for them. When out in public, they often exhibit signs of social anxiety and come up with their own ways of dealing with it. From making weird noises and faces to tucking their faces in your shirt, they may end up doing things that might seem odd to others around you.

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When faced with a situation like this, hold onto your patience. This is not something they are doing on purpose and you as parents should know it more than anyone. Deal with them politely and try to be calm if they happen to throw a tantrum out of all this anxiety and social discomfort. All these are those little challenges that would have you fight this disability every single day of your life in ways unknown to you.

They All Are Different

All autistic children do not follow the same pattern. They all are different and happen to have different needs. What worked one for one kid, might not work for the other. But during all these times, you need to know that having special needs doesn’t make them any less intelligent than the others. They just work according to different mechanisms but deep down they are equally, if not more, creative, artistic and intelligent. Work with your child to have him discover the talent in himself as it will help him in the future years to come.

It Is a Genetic Disorder

Some of us have grown to blame the vaccines or bad parenting for this disorder but science is proving all these speculations wrong. Autism has been termed as a genetic disorder where multiple genes interact with each other leading to a variable spectrum of symptoms in the kids who have it. If your one child has autism, there are around 5 to 10% chances that his siblings might have it too and the likelihood increases by 60% in the case of twins.

Get Help

The best way to deal with your child’s autism is to get him intensive therapies. This way he will be quick to learn and catch up on the wide range of skills he might have missed out on otherwise. You might not know the best ways to approach and cater to their special needs so do consult a doctor on how you should proceed with them and make him learn thing more quickly. There are many child psychologists providing great help of autistic children across the whole of Pakistan today.

Raising autistic children is tough but with proper help and assistance, you can make things a lot better for your child. At the end of the day, all the kids want is love and attention. Love your child the best way you can and be around them to help them along the way. You would be tested every step of the way but it is not something you, as parents, are not capable of. With all the research going in the field of autism around the globe, the day isn’t far when the scientists would find a cure for this disability. Till then, learn to love and accept your child with everything that makes them who they are and special in their own little ways.

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