Celebrate this Eid in a new and healthy style.

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Eid brings joy and cherishes every year. We as a Muslim wait to Celebrate Eid almost the whole year. The hunger and patience during Ramadan practice by Muslims all over the world increase excitement even more. During Ramadan, our stomach experiences several unusual activities. This results in indigestion, Stomach issues, and less appetite.
Make a change this eid and start it with a new style. There are not many hard and fast rules that you need to follow. All you have to do is quit all unhealthy habits on the first day of Eid and feel productive. By following some simple piece of advice we can get back to regular life within a day. You can also book the best nutritionist in Pakistan via Marham.pk

Light breakfast.

Although we are tempting for some really heavy meal on the day of Eid. Yet we also have to understand our stomach need. At that time our stomach wants slow yet healthy intake of food. Eating all Parathas, Cheese omelets and Shahi tukry can only upset your stomach. It is also adviced by the doctors to keep your first meal light and easy to digest. Putting a load on the stomach can ruin the further week.

Healthy Eid
Healthy Eid

Small and frequent meals

Organize a meal plan a day before Eid. Eat a small meal and don’t eat like it’s your last day. Eat after an interval of 4 hours. When you eat loaded meal and your stomach is not used to it then it will take more time to digest. Those who are diet conscious knows a bit more about portions and healthy food. You can also book the best nutritionist in Karachi via Marham.pk

Green tea use

Green tea usage was a good option in the whole month of Ramadan. But if you haven’t added it earlier in your Ramadan then you must drink green tea on Eid. Green tea not only boosts your metabolism but also eliminate polluted material from your body.

Healthy Eid
Healthy Eid

Celebrate with homemade food

On eid, most of us prefer to eat junk, spicy and variety of food from restaurants. Quit this on habit on this eid and enjoy some healthy and tasty food at home. Keep your stomach at ease. You can also book the best nutritionist in Islamabad via Marham.pk

Eid is all about happiness and joy. It’s the time of year where we enjoy and love every bit of it. One thing that can also enhance health is to forgive dispute and spent more on poor.

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